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Charity Cruise for the New Born Intensive Care Unit Canberra Hospital


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Charity Cruise for the New Born Intensive Care Unit Canberra Hospital

All Car's, Bike's, truck's etc are welcome. Come and help Make this Bigger then COREY's HOUSE PARTY !!

Event InfoType:

Causes - Fundraiser

Network: Australia

Time and PlaceDate: Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Location: Phillip Ice Skating Rink Car park

Street: Irvin Street Phillip

City/Town: Canberra, Australia

Contact InfoPhone: 0400422238

Email: t.bonfield@hotmail.com

Description RH Charity Cruise 2008 Canberra Hospital NICU

This Charity Cruise is to help raise money for the Canberra Hospital’s Newborn intensive care unit.

Please come along, Every baby deserves a fighting chance. the NICU helps these babies, they also need our help.

For parents like our close friends Matt and Lisa Opie who have had to go through the hard times of seeing their premature and sick babies fight for their lives.

Lisa Opie as an example has had 3 miscarriages in the past 3 years trying to have her and her husband Matthew Opie's second child.

In Feb 2008 Lisa fell pregnant for the 4th time, More than ever Lisa and Matt wanted to have this baby, and get through the nine months of pregnancy with little to no complications .

Everything was going according to plan until Sunday 28/6/2008 when things started to head

down hill as it did with her last 3 pregnancies, Lisa was admitted into The Canberra Hospital straight away and the doctors were able to prolong her pregnancy and she was kept in the hospital under close monitoring until the 23/08/08 when their 2nd baby girl was born, MYLIE FAITH OPIE.

With the fast and experienced staff of the NICU, they took Mylie and gave her the assistance she needed. She was 14 weeks premature, and had a 50% chance of survival as she was not developed enough to handle the world outside of her mothers womb without assistance.

Thanks to the NICU Mylie was given a real chance of survival, with at least one of their qualified Nurses and Doctors at Mylies side 24/7 on constant breathing systems, and other life supporting and monitoring machines.

Mylie is now 6 weeks old growing, putting on weight and becoming a stronger little girl every single day. She now weighs 1135 grams and a little shorter then 30cm in length.

Without the support of the Canberra Hospital and the NICU, Sadly Mylie and other premature babies just like her would have had no chance of survival.

At the cost of approximately $2000 per baby, per day in an incubator they need our support to fund these costs, to help sick and premature babies survive in our world. We would like you to come and show your support and appreciation and join in this fundraiser for the Canberra Hospital's NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit). This special place in our hospital not only helps parents and their babies in Canberra but all of Canberra's surrounding areas.

When: Sunday 16th November.

Where :Start at Phillip Ice skating rink car park, Irvine street Phillip.

Finish at Cotter for a snag sizzle,

Time: 11:00am @ Phillip.

Leaving there to cruise to Cotter at 12:00pm

1:00pm sizzle starts

Stickers are available on the day at $10 each, all money made from the stickers will be 100% donated to the NICU.

There will be a snag sizzle at the cotter all money raised from this will also be donated to the NICU.

There will be directions for the cruise handed out on the day or you can print the ones below and bring them along.

If you can not make it to this Charity Cruise and would still like to make a Donation.

Please contact me on 0400 422 238. Every cent will help raise money for the equipment needed for the NICU and will be greatly appreciated.

All Cars, Trucks, Bikes etc welcome, no one will discriminate your ride smile.gif

Sincerely Tyson and all of the members of RushHour.

Start point will be at the Phillip ice skating rink car park at 11:00am every one is welcome, so please come along smile.gif

Leaving Phillip at 12pm to start the Cruise.

Directions will be as follows.

Come out of Irving Street and turn Left onto Launceston St

Follow Launceston till Yamba Drive and turn right onto Yamba Drive.

Follow Yamba Drive Past the Hospital to Hindmarsh Drive

Turn Right onto Hindmarsh Dr and stay in the middle lane

follow all the way to Parkway exit. Turn Right (heading towards civic)

Stay in the left lane, and travel along at 90KPH.

Take Belconnen exit on the left onto William Hovel Drive

Left onto Coppins crossing Road.

Left onto Uriarra Road

Right onto Cotter Road

Follow past Casurina Sands over the bridge.

Come to another small bridge turn right into the car park.

This is Cotter Reserve (Cotter Dam)

Just after the park there are a few BBQs, this is where we will be.

Raffle tickets

Tickets are sold at $2 each or 3 for $5.


Ok every one, some of the prizes are now solid smile.gif

Not in order...

Fysher Discounts 1x Electric Drill

1 x tool set

Kambah Caltex has given 3 x $25 Fuel Cards

Ozzy Tyers: Wheel balance, Rotation, and Alignment with an oil change as well.

Bruce the Butcher (tuggeranong Hyperdome) $25 Meat voucher.

Gas Tune Tuggeranong 1 x Full service.

Not sure on this one yet, but possible 2 separate 2 nights for 2 at one of the bigger hotels in Canberra.

Coffee Guru has few vouchers

There is a cosmetics hamper for the ladys.

BDL 2 x 2 channel amp wiring kits

1x pair of 6" speakers.

and more.

+ to my understanding, Every one (women only maybe)that buys a ticket, is entitled to a FREE FACIAL smile.gif

Feel free to invite people to come along by clicking the Invite button at the top right of this page smile.gif

Thanks and i hope to see you there,

URL: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=38942143059


1) attention TOCAU Buddies! mate of mine sent me a facebook invitation ages go about this, and i pretty much forgot about it till now. if anyone interested let me know, we can organize a BIG TOYOTA group for this event and rock up there for good cause. Also i know most large number of people are from other states, but there is excepted to be 2000+ cars bike and anything with wheels on it there also parently couple interstate clubs are coming to Canberra for this charity. so if think you dont mind to go for drive to canberra for a huge fun, let us know!

2)Admin & Mods, how fast can you get some Camcrew Stickers ready for ppl are going to this charity cruise?

We need to let Tyson knows exactly how many cars will be attended and how many people will be there!

Please put ur name down if you interested to come,

Username, Your name, Car Make & Model, Number People in there Car(*including Driver, one pas and one driver = 2 ppl in total) - If you need sticker/s (no. stickers need)

1- X-Power, Amir, Camry CSi, 2ppl - Sticker (2)















I keep the list updated!

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to my understanding, Every one (women only maybe)that buys a ticket, is entitled to a FREE FACIAL

I dont know if its just me and my dirty mind, but I got a lawl outta that...

I might be in however

Edited by Simo
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to my understanding, Every one (women only maybe)that buys a ticket, is entitled to a FREE FACIAL

I dont know if its just me and my dirty mind, but I got a lawl outta that...

I might be in however

LOL i know what ure thinkin simo and its pretty funny.

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