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Subaru pull out of WRC, joining Suzuki


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Subaru pull out of WRC, joining Suzuki :ph34r:


Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru cars, says it will pull out of the World Rally Championship (WRC) citing the global economic crisis.

Subaru joins fellow Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corp, which announced its exit a day earlier, and leaves no other Japanese auto-maker left in the race.

Car-makers all over the world are under severe pressure to reduce spending as they bleed cash due to a sudden downturn in global car demand.

Honda Motor Co, Japan's number two automaker, this month quit Formula One racing for similar reasons.

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Thats a shocker,first Honda pull out of F1 & now this...

I'm pretty sure the Japanese won't pull out of 'all' the motorsports platforms just its shame they pullout of the top shelf racing catergories of WRC & F1.

Apparently Subaru was going to pull out because of the proposed FIA changes (to cut costs) to the S2000 (NA)& S2000 plus (bolt on turbo) catergory being FR the 4wd giant no longer wanted to compete.

As long as I get my SuperGT/Better motor int/Option magazine fix i think i'll be ok.

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Yeah you are right SuperDave.

Its terrible for rallying in general (because Ford and Citreon are boring), but even more terrible for Chris Atkinson who no longer has a drive. Needs to fund himself, again.

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They want to move more into tarmac rally

Where did u read that Petey? I'm interested in knowing more...

Mike a mate of mine who works at subaru let me onto that track :)

wouldnt believe a single word petey boy types .... since he's usually full of zebra s.h1t :P :P :P

just bcuz a mate that works @ subaru let u drive the test drive impreza in the carpark doesnt mean they are getting into tarmac rally :P :P :P :P :P

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Petey, no one in australia knows anything about World Rally, its got nothing to do with them.

The reason Subaru Australia stopped rallying is because the Impreza came out with a 2.5ltr engine, and aussie rally rules state 2ltr turbocharged max.

I'd say Dave is on the right track, and there is no homologation models for them to base the car off with the changes that are inevitable in World Rally.

But to answer Dave's question, I do not know, but I would not mind one :P

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im so way behind in rallying but seems like the economic crisis has affected everyone unfortunately.

Your so right, most of the big players are moving out, however citroen just doubled their output by creating their junior team to run alongside the frontline drivers, weird considering everyone else, they must be making alot :toast:

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