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I have seen the new sportivo


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Hi Guys,

I saw the new sportivo today. I could not take any pictures as the dealer was not happy that I was buying from anither dealer. :angry:

The car is basically the same as the old sportivo from the inside especially from the inside


1) dark grey leather trim

2) chorme bits on the side and the middle console

3) same 141kw but a smoother curve for the torque.(improved engine)

4) same 16' rims


1) Front looks like the levin but has a bodykit

2) has round fog lights

3) the silver "sportivo" badge on the side skirt is no more on the side skirt. It is on the front door and is red in colour.

4) comes with MP3/6 CD in dash system.(no more cassette player)

There volume controls that we predicted are not on the steering wheel.

The price is also the same. Did not get much into it but he stated the it will cost $32000 on the road.

My white sportivo one should be ready for pick up on Monday so I will take pics and post them then :)

Looks Good, it will not disappoint anyone :)

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How different is the bodykit between the levin and sportivo??

I was thinking that they would be the same except the sportivo would have some fake metal mesh

You are right it has a thin fake metal mesh on the front left and right sides just under the headlights and has the mesh also on the rear of side skirt as the old sportivo did.

The one I saw was black so the black bits on the front like the fog ligts did not stand out much. I think a lighter colour will look wicked.

It is hard to describe the front bodykit but if you see a levin from the front amd the sportivo you will be able to tell the difference.

Mate, the interior is the same no changes AT ALL apart from the stereo system.

Wish I had pics but that stupid dealer :angry:

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Where do you live mate?  Wana run-in ur car HARD and baseline against an old Stivo? :P

I like the new 2 door Stivo's look, can u tell me if our 4 door has a rear spoiler?  The pis i have of the new 4 door hasn't.


Yes it has the rear spoiler just like the old sportivo

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