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Ipod, Itunes, and apple


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Hey guys, ive been looking around for a software to replace itunes. I hate the way it does things and how restricted it is. I had to format my laptop the other day and now itunes just gives me error after error...and all i want to do is put a couple of apps on. As im sure most of the people on here have ipods and probably hate itunes...anyone know of a good subtitute?

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There are two ways to get apps on to your itouch

1. Use iTunes on your desktop PC to install them to the itouch.

2. Download them directly to the itouch over wifi.

AFAIK there is no 3rd party application that supports the transfer of apps.

personaly tho, i love itunes... it works really well on my macbook

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sharepod is a fantastic little free itunes alternative that i love to use. it also has the added bonus that you can take the music off an iPod and put them onto your computer. something that came in handy in getting all my music back on my comp after i got the blue screen of death..


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