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King Lows on ZRE

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Took the day off work today and tried to be as productive as I could :P

Dropped the car a few fingers down and it's sitting pretty now.

I'll upload some photos soon when I can be bothered.

Product: King Lows all round

Place: Suspension City (41-43 Provost st, North Melbourne)

Price: $400

Time taken: approx 1 hour

Conclusion: I'm surprised at how crap the stock springs are. I was expecting ride comfort to diminish after I went to lower springs but I honestly believe it has gone the other way.

- Hard cornering is much flatter now.

- Steering feels sharper and more responsive.

- Car doesn't shudder and vibrate as much as before when I drive on cobblestones.

- Looks sex.


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Kings lows are 35mm drop. As for "scragging" I've never heard of it. the only way you can compress a spring to make it a larger drop is to heat the spring and reset it. the downside of doing this is the spring rate is changed usually making it stiffer but it can also de temper the spring steel and on the odd occasion the spring will lose it's temper all together and become very soft.

For those interested I can now get a hold of KYB's for the ZRE's at long last....

Front's - $172.38 ea RRP $213

Rears - $170.84 ea RRP $205

These have been proven to be a good replacement for stock struts with lowered springs on the ZZE's so would be the same on the ZRE's.

If you're interested PM me.

Cheers :)

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