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New Wheels are on...


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Okidokey, wheels are on... after much debate/discussion, my decision ended up coming down to weight...

the 17x7 wheels were almost 6kg (total) heavier than the 16x7's that I've now opted for, they're on the car, the rears have about 4mm to spare clearance wise... So I was cutting it fine, 7.5's or bigger would never fit, but 7's sit nicely, especially with the slightly bigger tyres: 205/45/16 :)

They're beautiful to drive on, and can only get better, as I have yet to do the 200km drive in that is recommended... anyway, they're the same wheels as have already been seen on a newer Yaris (sorry to Kiwi... I'm not copying... these were in my shortlist for aaaages, as they're one of the only rims that come in 16x7), but they are amazingly good looking wheels, as the garage I went to in the end gave me a few options, and were very patient taking me through my options, so a big shout out and thank you to: The Mag Wheel Outlet Store my humble thanks go to their expertise! Even down to getting my car on the ramp... clearance was a VERY BIG issue given how low that front bumper is, but my clearance is better now, and (touch wood) I haven't managed to ground the kit since fitting of the new wheels!

Anyway, enough talk... on with the show...





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Looks good; have you setup a members ride thread yet? I'm sure there would be some more feedback in there than the Echo/Yaris section.

Thanks for the compliments folks, I've just done as SuperDave has suggested, and you can see the fruits of todays work in the "members Rides" area ... http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/inde...showtopic=23795

Obv. Still more to do, but I picked up some new mesh today, and I made a custom cover for the cold air intake pipe, (believe it or not, using a cover from a pod gauge, some rubber banding and a tube of super glue... it's amazing what you can do when you try!!) and cleaned it so that I could take some more photo's... fibreglassing of the outsides of the front bumper and passenger side skirt to commence soooooon now that I've reinforced them from the inside! Enjoy :)

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