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The Official TOCAU ZZE Corolla FAQ


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This FAQ will be constantly expanding as time goes on. If there is a question here that is not answered, try doing a search first before posting another thread. If you think there is something that I should add in, please don't hesitate to PM me (this will help reduce chatter in the thread). Hope this helps everyone out.

This is the 'older-style' search function on the new layout.



General Knowledge

Q) What is the difference between a Pre-Facelift and a Facelift Corolla?

A) Simply, External differences.

The Pre-Facelift (shown below) has the Round headlights, Interchangeable Front Grille and the rectangular-shaped Foglights (if a Sportivo or Levin)

Pre-Facelift - 02 - late 04


(courtesy of Xoom)

Whereas the facelift has the tear drop-shaped headlights, a single piece front bar/bumper with the grille built-in that's un-interchangeable & circular-shaped foglights (Sportivo/Levin).

Compared to the interior of the pre-facelift, the FACElift has a slightly different colour on the centre console (for Sportivo Series) and the Double Centre-Console arm rest.

Post-Facelift - late 04 - 06


Q) I want to change the look of my pre-facelift to facelift, what do I need to do to achieve this?

A) Refer this thread, it will just be easier to purchase a facelift.

Facelift Corolla – What parts need to change?

Q) I want to know what the '5Y' or '92' mean at the end of the description of my car (for Facelifts only)

A) The true facelift came out mid-way through 2005 (August). The 5Y refers to the later models, while the 92 was earlier 2005 model.

Q) What model of Corolla do I have? What are the variants/differences?

A) The order of models is as follows:

- Ascent - The Base model without any colour-coding or any optional extras - run of the mill

- Ascent Sport - Similar to the Ascent, but colour-coded with a Rear Spoiler, no additional foglights

- Conquest - Colour coded with a Rear Spoiler (for facelift only)

- Ultima - Sedan only

- Levin - Colour-coded with Sports Trim and kit, but also comes with All optional extras as standard

- Sportivo - Similar to the Levin, but more flared bodykit, leather interior trim, and other options that are not available in any of the other series.

All of these models (from Ascent to Levin) consist of the same engine, the 1ZZ-FE (also, the 1ZZ-FE comes in the late-model MR2).

The Sportivo Range has the 2ZZ-GE (which is the same engine as the late-model Celica and the Lotus Elise)

Q) How can I tell if my car is South African or Japanese built?

A) If you look at the VIN plate;

South African starts with - AHT

& Jap starts with J.



Q) I am after a Cold Air Intake (CAI) for my car, but I am unsure where to start, what should I do?

A) Refer to this thread:

CAI Finder and guide

Q) I just purchased a CAI for my car, but not sure how to install it, how do I do it?

A) Note: Generally ALL CAI's will be exactly the same for Installation as below.

Refer to this thread:

TRD CAI Install

Q) I want more low down torque in my Sportivo, what do I need to improve this?

A) The answer to this is either to PORT your stock headers, as some other members have done, or custom-by-request them that can be fabricated by Exhaust shops.

Recommended, trialed and proven – CES (Custom Exhaust Specialists)

Threads of Interest:

Porting Stock headers or Custom ones?

CES Header Review

Headers for 2ZZ-GE

Q) I want to change my oil to a better viscosity oil, however i am unsure of what i should be using? What are the specifications and what do others recommend?

A) Refer to this thread:

Corolla Engine Oils & Gearbox Oils

Q) I just saw a performance chip on ebay that claims we can get some decent gains, Will this work?

A) Simply put, NO!!! Corollas were never designed to and nor can you 'chip' them.

True power gains cost alot more money (refer further down), never be fooled by these money-making schemes.

Threads of interest:

performance chip

Q) I also saw a Performance upgrade on ebay that looked sort of like a turbo for $20-50. Can i get the power i want out of these?

A) NO! The only way to get some REAL performance out of your car is to either build it up as N/A, Turbocharge, or even Supercharge it (refer below)

Please do NOT buy these cheap Ebay Gimmicks, they are useless, and if something goes wrong with them, it won't end well!

Q) I have been thinking about purchasing cams for my car, what do others recommend?

A) Refer this thread:

Worth Getting Cams?


ECU Management

Q) Aftermarket ECU's, what is out there and who has used them that can help me?



- Apexi POWER FC

- Haltech ECU

- Vipec V44.

Threads of Interest:

Ok Noobs, Lets get serious!



Forced Induction

Q) I want to find out more about upgrading my car to Forced Induction. What options are out there, and who out there has done so?

A)Threads of interest:

Force feeding a Sportivo

Xoom's Turbo 2ZZ Sportivo

Pippy's 2002 Levin - Supercharged

Ok Noobs, Lets get serious!

Q What is involved in supercharging/ Turbocharging/ NA'ing my Corolla, and what's available in the market to do so?

A) Refer to these threads:

Increasing 1zz Power

Supercharging a 1zz Corolla

Force feeding your corolla



Q) How do I go about converting my Ascent gearbox to a Sportivo Gearbox?

A) Refer this thread:

Ascent gearbox Sportivo conversion, who, what, where, why and how?

Q) I am currently chasing after a Short Shifter for my car, What are my options and how much will it be?

A) 1. TRD Short Shifter

2. TWM Performance Short Shifter - refer thread >>> TWM Performance SS

Q) I want to add a lightweight flywheel to my car, what is the difference between materials?

A) Refer this thread:

Help choosing a flywheel



Q) My car lacks the noise I want from it, what can I do to improve the exhaust?

A) First off, you can start by changing the rear muffler of the car to something a bit sportier.

1zz Pipe Diameter = 1.75" to the rear muffler

Options for a 1zz include:

2zz catback or Axleback Muffler - Pipe Diameter = 2.25"

With the 1zz, a good bang for buck mod is to upgrade the 1zz muffler to a 2zz Sportivo Cat-back exhaust. It will make the exhaust a bit louder, but nothing too major; it will also let the back pressure flow a lot better.

Aftermarket Muffler = 2.25" - 2.5" (No need to go any bigger piping unless running forced Induction)

2zz Pipe Diameter = 2.25"

On the 2zz, the exhaust is a bit larger then the 1zz, it is 2.25" to the rear muffler, with a 2.5" Stainless Steel Tip.

Options for a 2zz include:

Aftermarket Catback or Axleback = 2.5" (more then enough, hoever some have gone with 3" before)

With upgrading the Sportivo Exhaust, you can change up to 2.5", which will keep you very happy, and can sell your previous exhaust to a 1zz owner.

Now, places that you can get a new exhaust:

Contact an administrator/moderator in your area via a PM to find out what's available and more convenient for you.

Threads of Interest:

Who got what size cat back

Exhaust Question




HOW TO: De-Trim Your Ride + DeBadge - Beginners Guide - Courtesy of RollaRollin

Q) I want to do up my Corolla, but need some inspiration and ideas, What can I do?

A) Refer to:

ZZE Hot Hatch Potential

Q) I want to get new body parts to upgrade the appearance of my Corolla. What can I put on mine? How much are they? What are the Part numbers? (eg. Front Lip, Side Skirts, Rear Skirt/Lip)

A) First off, you can get a Genuine Corolla Sportivo Lip/Body Kit from a Toyota Dealer.


Toyota Corolla Sportivo Genuine Front Lip (prefacelift) - 0815412830

$465.00 AUD - unpainted

Toyota Corolla Sportivo Genuine Sportivo Grille (similar to TRD Sports Grille)

$237.00 AUD - unpainted ABS Plastic

Foglights (Prefacelift)

$450.00 AUD for 1 foglight

$900.00 AUD for a pair. (bit pricey)

Toyota Corolla Rear Hatch Spoiler

$231 AUD for spoiler

$501?? AUD for LED Lamp (don't ask)

$76 AUD for Harness

Sunguard (similar to Rear Spoiler without tail-lamp)

$150.00 AUD

Toyota Corolla Headlight Protectors (set of 2)

$85.00 AUD

Toyota Corolla Bonnet Protector

$85.00 AUD


Toyota Corolla Sportivo Genuine front lip (facelift) - T0815412842

$500-$600 AUD - unpainted


P/N 0815412841C1 for black, 0815412841A1 for white - painted

$900+ AUD

The Sides and rear of Pre and Post Facelifts are the same, so regarding the part numbers for Sides and rear apply to both.

Toyota Corolla Sportivo Genuine Side Skirts (Set of 2) - 0815012900

$610.00 AUD - unpainted

Toyota Corolla Sportivo Genuine Rear Skirt - 0815812810

$501.00 AUD - unpainted

Courtesy of envykenshin

$303 AUD - Terry Shields Toyota

$311.85 AUD - Phil Gilbert Toyota

Rear lip [unpainted]

$433 AUD - Terry Shields Toyota

However, if you have a Sportivo, the Dealers may say that the Rear Skirt is unavailable for your car, and the reason being that the Sportivo has an exhaust tip protruding out the back, this will require the rear skirt to be cut into to make a clean fit.

Toyota Corolla Genuine Optional Accessories

Toyota Corolla Sportivo Genuine Sports Pedals

$180.00 AUD

Toyota Corolla Reverse Parking Sensors

$295.00 AUD for 2-head sensors

$400.00 AUD for 4-head sensors

Toyota Corolla Optional Alarm Upgrade

$214.00 AUD for the kit,

Toyota Corolla Satellite Navigation Unit

$3063.00 AUD.

They can and only be purchased from Toyota.

Other then Genuine, there are a few options that can be chosen when looking for a new bodykit, parts etc. other then Toyota:

Carmate - replica C-One kits made of Fibreglass

C-One Japan

TRC Tuning

Topstage - Fibreglass kits - NO LONGER RECOMMENDED

Any Aftermarket distributors

All of these distributors will be able to help you out if you choose to go something different.

Threads of Interest:

Sportivo kits

Difference between Levin and Sportivo kits

Q) Where can I get a set of the Eyelids and the Mesh Grille that others have?

A) Pre-Facelift - You can choose to purchase the Front Mesh Grille and Eyelids from Ebay. At the moment there is a Group Buy going for the Mesh Grille and Eyelids, if you are keen to purchase these.

A second option is to purchase a set of Eyelids and the Grille from C-One Japan, but will be very expensive, especially being from Japan.

You can also get a Genuine Corolla Sportivo 'Sports Grille' from a Toyota Dealer. (Refer above)

As for facelift - The Grille CANNOT be changed unless the front bar is replaced, but you can put mesh in behind the grille (refer thread below) as for the Eyelids, Topstage fabricates Fibreglass Eyelids for the Facelift, however are a lot pricier and no longer recommend them to anyone. Topstage

Threads of Interest:

Facelift Mesh DIY

Questions about grille?

TRD Grille

Q) What are the Stock headlight Bulb sizes for the ZZE Corollas?

A) Stock headlight bulb size in the Low-beams of the Pre-Facelift is 'H7'.

Stock low beams in the Facelift is also 'H7's.

Q) I want to put HID's in the car, where can I get a good kit for a reasonable price?

A) Ebay is usually the best place, depending on what you want, but as a recommendation, only purchase the 35W HID's and not the 55W HID's.

Refer this thread for more details:

Few HID Questions


Wheels and Tyres

Q) I want a new set of wheels. What is the stud pattern and offset on stock wheels, and how large can I go?

A) The stock wheels have a stud pattern of 4x100 and the offset is +45mm. The Stock Corolla Ascent Alloy Wheels are 15" and the Sportivos are 16". The largest that you can go on the Corolla without further modification or difficulty in finding load rated tires (load rating of 87 for Corolla Ascent and 88 for Corollas with 15" alloys), is 18 inches. A few members here have gone for 19 and even 20 inches with flared/pumped guards. That is with lowered height though. Once you lower your Corolla, you may possibly get some scrubbing, depending on the size of your profile of the tyre. Further information on this is further down.

There is a website (http://www.1010tires...ecalculator.asp) as well that is very useful in making sure your selected tire size gets as close to the stock rolling circumference as you can.

As for the stock wheels, it has been confirmed that the Sportivo Wheels share the same stud pattern and offset as the other models. If anyone with one of these Corollas wants to use a set of Sportivo wheels, they will have no problems with fitment or clearance, but you will need the Sportivo Lug nuts to bolt the Sportivo Wheels on.

Q) What is the Standard pressure for my 15" or 16" Wheels I have on my car, I am missing the Placard in the glovebox.

A) Refer to this thread:


Q) What is the stock rim sizing for my ZZE122?

A) Stock for ZZE122 is 195/60/15

Q) What is the wheel specs for my ZZE if I want aftermarket wheels/nuts?

A) PCD = 4x100

Thread size = M12x1.5

Hub Centre Bore = 54.1mm


Q) So you want to know fitment? Sizes, offset. etc?

A) Simply, the lower the offset no.#, the more the wheels sit central to the wheel hub mounting point.

What is Offset?

Refer to these threads for more information:

Wide wheels on a stivo

Fitment for my Sportivo

BBS RS/RM Wheels???

Mesh Rims for Stivo

Collaboration of ZZE's with 'fitment'


Specs: 16x9" +15


Specs: 16x8" +25


Specs: 16x8" -0


Specs: 16x8" +20


Specs: Staggered 16x7.5" +20 Fronts, 16x9" +15 Rears


Specs: Unknown



Q) I would like to lower my Corolla. What options do I currently have, and which ones are better? Are coilovers available?

A) Please refer to this Thread:

ZZE12x Part numbers

Or Contact SILVABULLIT via PM as he knows about good Corolla suspension set ups.

Q) Should i get Coilovers or a decent Spring/Shock Combo???

A) It has been argued and debated very thoroughly - Its up to you!

Coilovers for newer Corollas (ZZE122/123)

Q) What is the difference in lowering drops if I change to King Springs?

A) King Spring Lows = 35mm drop

King Spring Super Lows = 50mm drop



Q) What brakes do I get for my corolla? So confused with all the part numbers and different models on the aftermarket websites!

ZZE122 japanese (VIN JTD...)

Rotor size - front: 275mm

rear: 269mm

ZZE122 south african (VIN AHT... ascent and conquest ONLY NOT INCLUDING SPORTIVO)

Rotor size - front: 275mm

rear: 258mm

ZZE123 Sportivo (share the same brakes as the ZZT231 celica)

Rotor size - front: 275mm

rear: 269mm

Pads (only have bendix part numbers but you can cross reference) aisin front (same as the ZZT231 celica)

Front: DB1431

Rear: DB1429

picture of the pads.



Q) I want to get projector headlights for my car, but can't seem to find any… What do I do?

A) No projectors available for ZZE series Corollas. If you want it, it will have to be custom retrofitted.

Thread of interest:

Projector headlights for 03 Corolla Sportivo

Q) I want to add foglights to my corolla, however I have seen there is a couple of plugs directly behind the foglight cover. What do I need to do to get them to work (if I already have the foglights)?

A) These Plugs don't appear on all ZZE's so take caution, some ZZE's will come pre-wired for foglights ready to use. All that is needed is a Toyota OEM Stalk with foglight switch that will directly replace your existing headlight stalk, and a Micro-relay that will plug directly into the foglight control panel.

For more information refer thread below:

DIY Foglight Install with OEM foglights

Q) I want my taillights like others I have seen with the twin strips on either side, how can I do this?

A) This is called the 'JDM Tailight Mod' and plenty of people have done it.

Refer this thread on how YOU can do it too!

DIY JDM Tailight Mod




HOW TO: Remove Dash - Courtesy of RollaRollin

Q) I want to change my interior lights on the centre console, how can I do this?

A) Refer this thread:

RED LED Console Mod DONE!!!


I.C.E (In Car Entertainment)

Q) I want to add an aftermarket headunit to my car, will I need to hack-up the wiring?

A) No, there is no need to modify the wiring, what you can do is purchase an ISO Harness that connects to the stock plug, then a second harness that connects to your headunit.

Refer thread for more details:

ISO Harness


Q) Now I know what i can modify, what should I do first?

A) This is completely up to you, you can get some others recommendations, but in the end, it's YOUR choice on what you want to do.



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So for those new and sort of new to the forums, i have updated the FAQ. i will be going back through it and make it into simpler terms later on...

If there is a question that you want to ask, but afraid of getting flamed, PM me and i shall add it to the FAQ.



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So i have finally kicked it up a notch and made the FAQ easier on new people, and others that need questions answered.

Other repetitive topics will be added also.


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Dont mean to bump this thread, but I was wondering what size globes/headlights the ZZE use?

Finally got my a** into gear, and added your question to the FAQ :D

updated as of 08-04-11 :lol:

I have also added RollaRollin's Fantastic Tutorials :D Thanks mate :clap:


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Q) I want to know what the '5Y' or '92' mean at the end of the description of my car (for Facelifts only)

A) The true facelift came out mid-way through 2005 (August). The 5Y refers to the later models, while the 92 was earlier 2005 model.

our ascent is 2004 but its a facelift ... can you expand on this?

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