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its possible but personally i wouldnt. i dont care about the sound in the bak, if the passengers dont like it they can buy me splits. :D

i only pu speakers in the bak to make it sound abit better for the front and also to provide fill for a 10" woofer. i have a 12 atm in a diff car and it was making me deaf. so im gonna downsize. boy did it pump tho.

Once you downsize, let me know what you think, the bass will be sharper but it will not "feel" the same as it moves less air around, I have often wondered what the "actual" difference is, I know the scientific but have never actually heard the difference in the same car for myself.

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i have experianced a cheapo 10 inch. expensive 10 inch. expensive 12". 2 expensive 12" running off 1000W rms :D .

the 12 i have atm is damn good but i dont need it. i find a 10 to be good enuf for my needs. i just want abit more of the frequency range.

the loudness is not what was making me deaf, just the low low frequency.

once i tried to make a vid of my system on a vid cam and it was so bassy that all the cam captured was distortion and it even made the vid **** up abit...

i wont b changing it till i firstly get a stivo(end of march - family financial issues). secondly till i put the current system into the stivo.(prob 2 months after buying the stivo). so i stil have a while to go.

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A mate of mine worked at a car stereo joint for many years and was friendly with the bloke who designed the kenwood car (Damn this is going back some years) and he suggested either have GOOD splits in the front and a sub in the boot with NO REAR SPEAKERS or have GOOD splits at the front and GOOD rear fill speakers (ie designed for low range hence hte name "fill". there is no need for high range to come from the back. Sound travels in a certain way. Bass and low end can get through anything therefore it really does not matter where bass comes from as long as it comes from somewhere. high range has difficulty getting through obstacles ie seats and the like (notice you can have your sub in the boot but you will never see a competition stereo with splits in the boot or tweeters in the boot). good splits at the front direct the high range straight at your head, thats the point of them, thats also why if you didnt have splits before you got your Stivo, the music may have sounded a little tinny for the first 10 mins till you got used to higher quality sound.

Based on the above. think about it..... high range from the back hits your headrest and completely misses your head. 2 or 3 way in the back will make no difference really, main thing to look at is the range, the lower it goes the better. if it were at all possible I would get 1 way fillers but the only one ways that I have listened to and of a price comparable to what I get the sony gear for distorted too early.

Talking on a forum is all well and good but make sure you go to a few car stereo places first and listen to the speakers in an enclosure. At the end of the day mate, its your ears that have to enjoy it and while I may have a preference for XYZ brand, your may find ABC brand more appealing. By car adio I mean proffesional sound places, not Strathfield car radio ;)



Suggest some places for the man to go to, hes in need of some advice here blade.

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I fully recomend the Velocity Blaupunkt double 8 inch driver digital combo for the back. I have it wired so I can have it out of the car in a matter of seconds. It produces just as much if not more bass than the 12 inch kicker sub I used to have in the back. It is small enough and very light compared to the big box. Price wise not that expensive. I have changed the head unit to a JVC KDSH99 (which is a 4 50 watt rms head unit) and kept the standard speakers. I find personally compared to other speakers the standard ones are not that bad. The system in my car is louder than my ears can handle and very clear and the bass is very good as well. If you wanted the whole thing system installed would be apporx a grand or less depending on the head unit . I have spent thousands on stereos in cars and am more than happy with this in comparison. Cars are hopeless in accoutsics anyway. I would rather spend bulk dollars (which I have as well) on the home cinema system at home.

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So where do you guys usually place your rear speakers? And what speakers do you guys have?

I've decided to go with either a Pioneer HU or the Clarion one. It just has to be able to play MP3s, that's my main reason for changing HU.

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i think most people use existing positions for the speakers. current corolla interior is nice, make extra holes and positions if you are serious about your sound system, if not i think you should leave it the way it is. save effort by using existing positions.

i am pleased to hear that you have decided to change your head unit. it will be great to hear your opinion of the head unit change afterwards.

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