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I nagged toyota for a good 6 months before I gave up

that is very very bad service. did you think of phoning a dealer interstate and ask them to supply the parts to you? did you know dealers in vic can supply the item locally within 24 hours?

for me i have been waiting on a new window seal for 4 months. if one dealer cannot help you you should try another dealer.

some dealers do not even know where to look on their computer for the parts called "blankings". it is found under "stereo" and NOT console air vents!

I tried 3 official toyota dealers...

One said they could get the parts... I went on holiday and came back to them and they said the part doesnt exist.

Another dealer told me that they dont exist.

Another dealer said he could get them for me, I went back and he offered me a caliper instead.. :huh: I asked him how I was meant to put a brake caliper into my stereo system and he looked puzzled and said he must of misheard me... so I showed him my car and what I meant and again he tried to sell me the *** damn caliper! :lol:

I told him what he could do with his caliper (sell it to someone else... as if id say anything mean :rolleyes: )

From there I went to Alberts car stereo... they said Toyota where nuts and have supplied them before...so one of the guys came with me to the toyota dealers and had no luck either!!! So in the end they made the panels for me for $30 bucks and fitted them whilst they were fitting my ddlinear speakers.

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E-gene: Mate your speakers are matched to the current stereo/head unit in your sportivo (factory), and most of the time these are usually a low power setup.

I have run an aftermarket head unit (pioneer) in the celica and have found it to give an overall boost to the stock speakers (splits front, std speakers rear). I was contemplating using a Line out converter to run an amplifier and subwoofer setup as you are now, but after hearing a few setups I decided to go with a newer head unit with more funtionality (mp3 etc).

Everyone here is telling you to buy a good high pass filter and roll with your idea. Its not a bad idea and will certainly improve on your standard setup, but alot of people dont take to running a line out converter. No matter what anyone says, there will always be a loss in sound quality, especially when the volume is turned right up (ofcourse this depends upon the products used).

But at the end of the day it comes down to your budget. You can only install what you can afford :lol: . Running an amp of the stock unit can mean saving hundreds of dollars versus <$100 is parts for a converter.

If you can, listen to a few setups that have used the stock system running amps using these line-out converters/filters, and see if there is an audible/significant difference. If it sounds ok, go for it, at the end of the day its not an expensive mod to add (converter that is) and you can always build/change the setup if your not happy later on (say with a newer head unit/amps etc..)


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sharmz i think your post is very good.

i do not understand why a person who wants to *upgrade* their system would take short cuts. i do understand $$$ is needed but you have purchased a nice car, please save up and purchase a good sound system to match or just leave it stock.

if i wanted to purchase new wheels and tyres for my car, i would save up to purchase the wheels i am happy with along with the right tyres. it does not make sense to me to purchase the wheels but short cut with low grade tyres.

i feel many people like to *upgrade* their sound system but do not like spending the $$$ that are needed for a reasonable-good sound system. i think you will quickly get sick of a sound system that is average. save your time and $$$ and leave your sound system stock or save up and purchase a good sound system.

please remember besides purchasing head unit and speakers you will need speaker wire and if you want an amplifier and subwoofer you will need power wire and an inline fuse holder. of course if you want to connect your stock head unit to an amplifier you will also need a hi-lo converter/adapter.

if your subwoofer is placed in your boot and you wish to have easy access to your spare wheel you might like to add connectors to your wires.

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My system so far consists of the following parts.

Pioneer AVH-P7550DVD DVD headunit.

Pioneer CDX-P1280 12x CD stacker

Focal Utopia 165W splits in the doors.

2X Image dynamics IDMAX 13"

2X JL1000/1 AMPS

1X JL300/4 AMP

Soon to come parts are a 15" LCD mounted in glove box and a car computer, with sattelite navigation. Also full custom boot install to come.......

I'll post some pics soon.


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i do not understand why a person who wants to *upgrade* their system would take short cuts. i do understand $$$ is needed but you have purchased a nice car, please save up and purchase a good sound system to match or just leave it stock.

Because im "almost" happy with the stock setup. The deck is a really good deck for a stock deck, if it aint broke, why fix it?. The speaker setup is "broke" to my ears but the deck functions as well as it should. I rarely turn it right up, I just want a little more depth in my music.

When I went to a few dealers he said it was refreshing to talk to someone who knows what they want and how best to achieve it instead of (this is an exact quote) younguns who want to see how much boot space they can lose to create a mobile disco with no quality just lots of bass.

Having shopped around for the last 3 months and having spoken to many car audio proffesionals, they end up agreeing with me that there is not need to replace the deck unless you want to have your windows bulging to the bass.

Note im going for top of the range componants within the budget, not lots of bottom range. I see no point to putting low end gear in my car but I also see no point to wasting money on a deck when I have one :).

This was not an insult to anyone, I was directly quoteing some dude. I believe each to there own, and when I was young and had my mini, it was a mobile disco, im 29 now though and my music tastes have changed and my ears are no longer able to take ludicrous amounts of bass :).

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This is the gear im getting.




Amplifier type: 4 Channel Mosfet

Low impedance capability: 2 ohm per channel

Crossover Type: Fully adjustable LP / HP 12dB

Bass Boost: 40hz, 0 - +10dB

Terminals: Gold Plated

Heatsink Material: Cast Aluminium

Dimensions ( WxHxD ): 387x55x260mm


Power per channel @ 4 ohms: 4 x 120w Max / 4 x 60w RMS

Power Bridged: 2 x 300w Max / 2 x 150w RMS

Power per Channel @ 2 ohms: 4 x 150w Max / 4 x 75w RMS

Frequency Response: 5hz - 50khz +0 / -3dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 100 dB

Distortion: .005% @ 1khz

Maximum Input Level: up to 12V

Front Speakers:



Recommended Enclosure: N/A

Mounting Depth: 57mm

Mounting Diameter: 127mm

Magnet Material: Samarium Moulding

Crossover Type: External 12dB Oct. 2-way

Tweeter Type: Aluminium Dome

Speaker Size: 6" / 16cm Component System

Woofer Cone Material: Aluminium

Speaker type: Separate Midrange and Tweeter


Frequency Response: 32hz - 30khz

Power Handling: 170w Max

Sensitivity: 90 dB/w/M

Rear Speakers


Speaker Size: 6" / 16cm

Speaker type: Three way Full Range

Woofer Cone Material: H.O.P.

Tweeter Type: 3.5cm PEI+Al Balanced / 1.1cm PFD

Crossover Type: Internal

Magnet Material: Strontium Ferrite / Neodymium

Mounting Diameter: 127mm

Mounting Depth: 48mm

Recommended Enclosure: N/A


Power Handling: 220 w.max

Frequency Response: 30hz - 25khz

Sensitivity: 91 dB/w/M



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E-gene they will fit but why do u want to go 2 way?

If you are going to go 2 way then u need to hook them up to tweeters to go that extra sound quality

If u want a decent system go 3 way 6.5" or the splits.

Sorry Nikich, could you explain what you mean when you say 2 way? or 3 way? :blink:

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a 2 way speaker has the normal 'woofer' membrain and then it has a tweeter in the middle. so it pretty much has 2 speakers.

3 way has 2 tweeters as well as the woofer part.

it gives u much better sound quality as there are extra 'speakers' playing the high pitched sounds.

the best way to go would b to get splits and have the tweeters sitting as close to ear hight as possible. that way u have the best sound. most ppl have them sitting on the dash or next to the rear view mirror on the door. some ppl go to extremes and attach them to the pillar at ear level.

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DEATHZONE: Damn, very nice setup, cant wait to see it/see pics! :D

BLADE: Mate I hear you. I understand where your coming from, basically as stated in my post, To each their own.

ORROCK: Mate i know where you are coming from, but sometimes it makes sense to do the line-out conversion and run amps of a head unit. I was tempted for quite a while. Stock in the ZR, they give u a double din AM/FM/TAPE/CD - which includes the 6 disc indash player. DOubt you will ever find an aftermarket unit with the same specs/functions at a reasonable price. And when it comes with the car for free (well not really :lol: u paid for the car) why throw it away. like i said mate, Everyone has their own ideas and preferances. I still upgraded the head unit anyway, and am happy with the results so far.

E-GENE: That head unit (7550) is pretty good man, you should be happy with the functions/stuff it will offer you. Just be weary if your going to buy it off Ebay.

Basically you would get decent sound with 2way or 3way speakers. Again its personal preference, three way speakers offer better clarity for sound (treble/high end, vocals etc). 2way still sounds good and gives the mid-range sound or bass that people like, but at times the clarity/treble/vocals can sound "tinnny"/flat.

In an attempt to make some kind of sense, think of two way as "one-way bass + one-way treble" and think of three way as "one way bass + 2 ways for treble".

Though this maybe grossely inaccurate, it'll give you an idea of what each can offer, but is better explained by listening to them. Run the same song, through a set of both speakers at a sound/car audio shop and you'll hear it for yourself.


BTW I work for Strathfield car radios hahano.gif

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I agree and i also disagree.

I would have splits up the front because of the sound quality

But in the back we cant have splits. So i would go for a 3 way speaker to give that better sound quality in the back because right now all we have in the back are 2 way 6.5" speakers.

In saying that you could really go all out and make a back parcel shelf and put 4 or even 5 way 6 x 9s.

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To put splits in the back u will have a hell of a time trying to put the tweeter anywhere that will benefit the people in the back seat.

If it can be done, then i will be the first to congratulate the person on their craftsmanship!!

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anything is possible! yes there are constraints so balance your needs. if you want to install splits in the rear of your car, do it. if you want to do something else, do something else. if you want to copy someone, copy someone. if you want to be original, take time out for creative thinking.

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its possible but personally i wouldnt. i dont care about the sound in the bak, if the passengers dont like it they can buy me splits. :D

i only pu speakers in the bak to make it sound abit better for the front and also to provide fill for a 10" woofer. i have a 12 atm in a diff car and it was making me deaf. so im gonna downsize. boy did it pump tho.

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illuminati my thinking aswell. rear speakers are for people who sit in the rear of your car but does give the driver an advantage of some fill.

you are worried about losing your hearing by the sound system if your other car and will down size your subwoofer because of this problem. why not just turn the volume of your music down or fade the subwoofer?

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A mate of mine worked at a car stereo joint for many years and was friendly with the bloke who designed the kenwood car (Damn this is going back some years) and he suggested either have GOOD splits in the front and a sub in the boot with NO REAR SPEAKERS or have GOOD splits at the front and GOOD rear fill speakers (ie designed for low range hence hte name "fill". there is no need for high range to come from the back. Sound travels in a certain way. Bass and low end can get through anything therefore it really does not matter where bass comes from as long as it comes from somewhere. high range has difficulty getting through obstacles ie seats and the like (notice you can have your sub in the boot but you will never see a competition stereo with splits in the boot or tweeters in the boot). good splits at the front direct the high range straight at your head, thats the point of them, thats also why if you didnt have splits before you got your Stivo, the music may have sounded a little tinny for the first 10 mins till you got used to higher quality sound.

Based on the above. think about it..... high range from the back hits your headrest and completely misses your head. 2 or 3 way in the back will make no difference really, main thing to look at is the range, the lower it goes the better. if it were at all possible I would get 1 way fillers but the only one ways that I have listened to and of a price comparable to what I get the sony gear for distorted too early.

Talking on a forum is all well and good but make sure you go to a few car stereo places first and listen to the speakers in an enclosure. At the end of the day mate, its your ears that have to enjoy it and while I may have a preference for XYZ brand, your may find ABC brand more appealing. By car adio I mean proffesional sound places, not Strathfield car radio ;)



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