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If you had a wish...

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Just wanting to find out what you guys and gals would change on our rolla's if you had one wish ie; design, performance, interior. Maybe we can send this thread to Toyota for future development.... on second thoughts they might change our stivo's to electric wind up toy cars that drive all by themselves and the only emission they make is water vapour..and if the A/C is on everyone will have to get out and push it up the hill or they can cut holes in the floor pan just like the flinstones :lol: ok time for my medication :wacko:

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Much more refinement, quieter, less rattly and buzzy...keep all the GOOD noises of course..just stop it sounding like you're riding in an empty tin can.

Tighter suspension a littler lower from the factory,much better damping so it doesn't try to lift a back wheel on a tight corner under full power (actually I'm suspecting it's body twist causing this, so stiffen the shell too please ).

More supportive drivers seat, and a full harness seat belt as an option.

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I would ask that the rolla be lower in body design, lower-mount front seats. Steering reach adjustments. Better damping in mid corners and more low-end torque please. mount the engine a little further back behind the front struts to enduce less under-steer. besides that, i love the new rolla. the stivo is so much fun to drive. and feels more refined than Astra, Focus and most cars in it's class and price-range. :P

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Hmmm.... definitely need more refinement and tighter quality control please Toyota or your reputation would be tarnished forever! :angry: Reliability would be told in the coming years but other than my these and my short list of problems, cannot complain much because it is a very fun car to drive around, and priced very well too! :lol:


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I have thought about lift kick in often but 4,000 is too low, if you were cruising to say QLD from NSW you would be sat on 120ish which is a smidgen over 4,000 you would be in lift all the way, that can't be good for the motor, 5,000 would be a better lift adjustment.

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I dont' think it would work well with lift kicking in down low. all it would mean is that you would have crappy fuel economy.

High lift is to make sure that enough air is entering the combustion chamber at high rpm as the time between strokes is too short and the valve closes too quickly for the air to enter. both the increased valve timing and high lift help at high rpm where most engines would struggle for breath.

there wouldn't be enough airflow at low rpm to take advantage of high lift anyway. That's why you hear about people who have lowered lift point not feeling any difference. I'm not sure why the v-tec system works with lowered v-tec point though :angry:

Just my 2cents.

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i wish a coupe was for sale.

i like the current coupe in uk! but would this ever happen here?! would toyota australia think this is workable for our sales market?

what is the break-down of sales young drivers vs. seniors? there must be a lot more seniors to warrant high seats, light steering feel, raised car height and plain old paint colours.

the steering wheel is lacking reach adjustment. a very easy upgrade. why do we have length adjustment with seats to cater for people with different length legs but neglect people with different length arms? do we think arms are not important? they only grip the steering wheel which controls the direction of the car.

i think the current method of window tinting by sticking film to windows is messy. the factory should apply tinting dyes when constructing the window glass. this is already available in japan and for our market it is available in lexus.

greater quality control on gaps/joins with doors from interior and exterior. the tolerance now is too high i have seen too many current corollas built in south africa with big gaps/joins.

has anyone seen the sportivo concept car at the motorshow? well done to the secondary school students who helped out!

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Also. High lift doesn't strain the engine but makes it run more effeciently. My theory is that if we were to turbo charge our cars then there would be enough manifold pressure for it to be worthwile to lower high lift. Remember, high lift cams are not much different to race cam profiles on race cars.

I would love to see a turbo Stivo with modded internals. i'm curious to see how much power and torgue gain there would be. <_< ;)

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that is a nice concept car. I'm not so sure about all the road safety features such as auto speed limiting and what not. The stylying adopts too many astra/open styling cues. It's a toyota only by name.

The toyota concepts are there. I think toyota's bread and butter is the older market where they see themselves as being strong. Notice how the camry has speed warning and less agressive styling vs the accord. As much as Toyota tries to shake its cardigan catholic school image, it's where their market lies.

just a simple comparison:

Echo - Jazz

corolla - Civic

Celica - Integra

Camry - Accord

MR2 - S2000


If you look at all these vehicles in their class you will notice that Toyota is either styled or it's performance is suited for a much more mature market.

The only exception being the Sportivo and RAV4.

my 2 cents.

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I do agree on most things said...

lift from 5,500rpm

no rattles


What Toyota need to do is Start to bring in and sell TRD and TOM's gear with Warranty support and at cheap Prices! :o

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