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CAI Project

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Last nite, i took the air box and battery out, getting ready to measure out and fit a cold air intake prototype. I have 3 inch stainless steel pipes, probably the most ideal metal since it doesent attract heat, quite heat resistant. Having created a concept, it was looking good ready to be welded into one pipe, when i remembered the car wont run without a battery ;) . So after popping the battery back in, you guessed it, it didnt fit anymore. To have the pod sitting as per other cold air intakes, you have to have the pipe along the left side of the car and around the battery, etc etc etc.....too much mucking around. I have dished that project and will try and make a simpler short ram intake. I dont think anyone on here has one so i want to try and and see how they work. Im going to use the air box from the old car and get the pod to sit inside, then try and make a funnel from the air box to sit underneath the headlights so that cold air gets sucked up.

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Well everyone has gone for the full CAI setup, and i thought why not. I will base it on the K&N Typhoon and is should give 15 BHP extra and 10 Nm of torque according to the K & N website. Easy to install, easy to remove, the only issue is with water, but i think its pretty safe. As for the air temp under the bonett, just have to wait and see. Ill post pics when i have time and when its complete.

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Lucian, another design you may want to look at and pirate is the BMC CDA or Dynamic Air Intake.

It's essentially a boxed SRI that's also designed to increase air velocity.

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