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best Places in Sydney 4 Muffler & warrenty issues

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Where are they best places (cheapest but also offer quality) to get a muffler installed?

Best Mufflers, Australia's best etc are all $350 installed when you speak to them on the phone, but I have friends who have negotiated and got it down to like 280- 300.

Does anyone know a cheaper place - that will do a quality job?

More importantly, does having an x-force muffler installed, void the Toyota warranty? Even if it is installed by a professional company

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Just 1 thing i think we should be really clear is the aftermarket part only voids the warrenty on that part of the car.

So if u change ur muffler and then all of a sudden u get a little hole where the new muffler is connected to the rest of the exhaust e.g. doggy welding work if u go back to toyota obviously this isnt there fault so they will not provide warrent fix.


if u go back to toyota and say ur shock absober is leaking and u only had the car for a 1 week or ur headlights stopped working u know something that has nothing to do with the muffler toyota CAN NOT refuse warrenty fix.

So to re-iterate. You only void the warrenty on the part of the car which you modified. I think this is something that every car dealer, all their sales people, all there customer service reps and anyone who works for a car manufactorer need to be updated with. This is the word of the law as per consumer affairs and fair trading.

At the end of the day even if the fault u get is related to the mod u have done they need to prove that the fault was due to the mod u did.

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suspension mods will also void the airbag system warranty as the change in ride adversely effects the airbag sensors ;).. That's not a commonly known fact.

Exhaust or intake mods can void the engine warranty

any invasive changes to any of the factory wiring looms will void the electrical warranty (splicing into wires for unichip/RSM/SAFC/Headunit installs etc)

At the end of the day, the dealer's "goodwill" will also come into the warranty equation if TMCA denies a claim.

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its kewl,

I had an xforce twin tip muffler installed today,

looks awesome, but I don’t know if there is a performance increase..

$295 at king’s exhaust - in Kings Park

Very happy!!

And I rang Toyota today, and they reassured me that it does NOT void the warranty, unless it is in fact that part of the car that is faulty

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Exhaust or intake mods can void the engine warranty

I'd really love to see a dealership void the warrent on an engine due to a muffler......

All i can say is yes u r right in that the dealer can have a swinging vote but at the same time the dealership/toyota has to prove that it was due to the mod and this needs to be assessed by an independant mechanic....

Trust me i've taken this issue all the way before ;) ;) ;)

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