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Need opinions for conversion, RT40


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G'day all, I own two RT40's..one is a 67 the other a 65. The 67 has an N/A 13B conversion from front to back. And the 65 is stock and unmolested.

The orig idea was to convert the 65 to rotary immediately. But the more I look at how good it is in stock form the more I'm undecided if I should leave it as it is?...seems a shame to take it apart?

Would it be better from a financial point of view to keep it stock and lic as it is?

Or will it pick up some value as a lic rotary convert? Any and all opinions appreciated.


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I beg you not to convert to a rotor. It will definitely not increase value. RT40's have not seen price increases like KE10 Corolla's at this stage, but I think they will eventually. Keep it original and enjoy it. Low and slow is the go. Venetian, whitewalls, sun visor, weather shield etc. Done to death some may say, but it works and it looks gooooood! Gotta be a bit low too.

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Thanks for your reply. It's strange how the KE10's picked up in value, while the RT40's haven't?. I've always thought the coronas had more originality in their looks....but just my opinion. Also it seems that KE10's and their parts are more readily available 2nd hand.

I figured the rarer the car, the more sought after they would be..but I guess in the RT40's case it's the opposite for the time being.

The RT40's and parts are like rocking horse sh*t. In fact, I can't find any RT40 parts for sale

anywhere lately. But u've pretty much convinced me to leave the 65 original:). Hopefully they'll become more valuable in the near future.

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I guess something to keep in mind is that unfortunately rarity and collectability are not the same thing. Collectability generally stems from a large following of something in the past and an on-going large following being maintained in the future. With those conditions being met, the rarer the item the greater price it shall fetch. Corolla's have always had a strong following. They have been a staple 2nd car in many driveways since the 60's and still are very popular to buy brand new today. Corona's were popular through the 70's to the mid 80's and then all but disappeared from Toyota's export line-up. I believe this is a major reason for their lack of popularity today. GT Falcons, for example, had a huge following due to being race bred and a popular family sedan (albeit generally in a lower spec model) right through from the early 60's to today. Hence their collectability and value have increased greatly. The "originality in their looks" doesn't play much of a part in collectibility. If it did the Citroen Ami6's left in the world would be worth a fortune.

Anyway I'm glad you plan to keep your 'Rona original. We would all benefit from seeing some photo's of it B)

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