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RJR wheels...


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r the RJR wheels good? is that an AUS brand?

tried to search them thru internet.. but nothing is up... they dont even have a homepage?

r they lighter than the stocks rims?

i know.. bobjane sells them.. along with like AUSCAR.. which i know AUSCAR is kinda CRAPPY...

but is RJR better? the looks definitly looks better!!!

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RJR = rodney jane racing

wheels look good i had a set and really liked them.

however they dont really hold there price well.

but they are dirt cheap to buy new ( most anyway).

there light enough but not like speedy or any of the expensive jap types.

but there good for what they are if that helps.

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here's they're webbie:http://www.bobjane.com.au/

i got a pretty good deal frm them for my 17"s :)

so they r lighter than stock..

r they OZ brand?

hmm yeh i know.. they r damn cheap... its like.. >$600 for a whole set...

thx man~~

how much are they with some decent tyres?

do u have it? can u post a couple of close up pics???

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my RJR wheels cost $142 each and i got maxxis tryes at $160 each

but i traded my stivo wheels in on the package for $750 off the full price.

heres a pic of what i got.

have new wheels now and kept the tyres.

wow.. i liked ur one... the colour is great...

but u still have to pay like $750... man those tyres cost a lot!!

u think its better to change the rims when the tyres r wore? or... trade them while they r still good?

do the ppl care whether or not the tyres r good or not?

i was thinking getting that too.. but i think i like the RJR action or maybe the tarmac kind...

basically i like the ones (bronze or black) with 5 or 6 hmm.. wts it called, those lines.. :huh:

do u guys now any other brands that are around that price? been looking thru soooooo many magazine... most of them cost like.. $2xxx above!!!!

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if ya dont mind ebay checkout ST-TYRES from sydney thats where i got my new wheels from there heaps cheaper than everywhere else id been. i paid $560 for my rims ( the set).they have a good selection and will answer most questions a.s.a.p cant hurt to have a look i was worried at the start but when the wheels got here all that changed and ive been stoked every since.

here is a pic of the wheels i got now.


if you like these wheels dont buy the same set as to date i havnt seen anyone with the same rims on a stivo/rolla.

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ST-TYRES is operated by St George Tyres just down the road from Tempe Tyres

I had a bad experience with St George over tyre sizes that ended in me no actually buying the rims I wanted (which incidentally were the same ones Eddy got only in gold) the guy there had the attitude that he knew best and I knew jack over me wanting 205/45 and him wanting to fit 205/40 tyres because they are easier to find... but 4% undersized!!! :angry:

but other then that they are OK, I was actually in the workshop for quite some time chatting to him about options etc and he was very helpful, it was just this one thing that soured the deal...

but anyway why not check out...

St George Tyres

Tempe Tyres

both in Sydney about 1.5 km from each other on the Princes Highway just south of the CBD

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my RJR wheels cost $142 each and i got maxxis tryes at $160 each

but i traded my stivo wheels in on the package for $750 off the full price.

heres a pic of what i got.

have new wheels now and kept the tyres.

Wow this thread is a month old and i only just saw it.. i also have the same wheels Eddy had, in 16inch paid $130 each wheel and $200 each for tyres. I personally think the wheels are well worth the $130 each, plenty of people come up to me asking me what wheels they are. The good thing with the bronze is during the day it is dark enough to look like dirty gold and during the night or when the sun is setting the wheels reflects and shines gold like a polished bronze wheel. If you look closely at this wheel it has 2 shades of bronze. My wheel and tyre combo weigh slightly less than stock wheels or very similar to stock. The wheel itself without the tyre weighs very little. I believe the tyre weighs more than the wheel itself and depending on what sort of tyres you go for some better quality tyres weigh more due to the extras you get with them like rim protection edge etc etc.. I chose to spend less on wheels and more on tyres. Most mags sold in Australia come with lifetime stuctural warranty and built to Australian standards, all wheels sold by BobJane have that warranty. The quality wouldn't be any worse than the stock mags that come with the car in the first place. For pics of how it looks on a Black car look into my garage :)

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i have heard that RJR is simply re-badged ROTA wheels that bobjane sell in the australian market. thats probably why outside of australia you wont find them anywhere under the name RJR. ROTA is a Philippines based wheel company, basically using similar designs to popular japanese brands like rays, work etc. very well known in the states. lightweight and cheap, good for the budget racers i guess? http://www.rotawheels.com/

oh and those bronze rims you have are based on WORK Emotion Cr Kai


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Cool, never knew that! I checked out their website, they have more wheels than BobJane offers but definitely the same wheels in RJR's catalogue. They seem to be a rather respectable company, been in business 30 years and have plenty of involvement in motosport. I'm very happy with the wheels especially for the price i paid :)

RJR Circuit aka ROTA Circuit 10

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