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Hey to all, my name is Drew. I hail from a suburb near Elizabeth BUT its not elizabeth for anyone familiar with SA bogan metro areas.

At the moment I'm on my Third Aurion and I think I'll keep buying them as long as they make them

(Exception for the latest model.........that back end. Really toyota and the dash looks cheep "Sigh".)


Im a miner in Sa's mid north and drive in and out so very happy to travel in my 2010 ZR6

I guess I would have to say that the main reason I like these cars is the saftey guys.

A friend and I were going up the highway to the hell we call a job and managed to collect a Subaru forester and caravan that decided to do a u bolt in the middle the road. 110k people!!

Both walked away sore and bruised but able to complain about it.

So my family and I choose this front wheel drive marvel as our car of choice.

Now to business people. I come before you a new member for a reason. I need a hobby. Don't know much about cars basics really, but very willing to learn.

I got some cash and need to spend with haha

And I want a phat car

So this is my rig as it stands today.

Stock standard upgrade

What first guys

Come at me!!!





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Welcome to the club. Have a poke around the forum there are so many mods that have been done and see what takes your fancy :)

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