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My toyota auris 1.6vvti


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Hi, I'm Spanish, Madrid.

I've been looking online, and I found this forum. just wanted to leave some pics of my car as I left that I have thoughts about the likes of Spain! a greeting: D

I'm uploading photos that I have done ..



2n7jyhx.jpg23r7rxj.jpgveav79.jpg23r7rxj.jpgphotoshop :



and is now .. these pictures are from last week.


engine oil cap blue, TRD

handmade twin exhaust DURAMAS approved brand

tires 18 "wheel 225-40

Black calipers with sticker APracing

Navigator, gps.

courtesy lights LED's feet

entire LED lighting

6000 ° K xenon

parking sensor

yellow lights

H & R springs -5 cm

hybrid auris black logos.

1.6 Valvematic engine 132HP

consumption. about 7.5 l/100 km

Current 24,000 km is 2 years and 3 months

hope you like

and sorry if the translator is wrong and does not understand me, but not much English

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Welcome Alvaro very clean looking car, love the dual exhausts and some very cool highlights with the yellow and blue :D

what rims are those?

good, thank you very much your car is tremendous too.
the rims are of a Renault Clio sport,
Tell me more about your car, I have love, here in Spain that car is not .. : (
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What are your future plan?

put a rear skirt for twin exhaust

Rear spoiler

side skirt and front skirt

for now leave it well, because here are very strict with cars, if you want to do something, you have to pay and put it in the data sheet.
I would like to put the TTE spoiler but they are very expensive .. and no longer would play anything else!
Tell me more about your auris, that engine has? how many hp have? I think you've changed many things?
a greeting and I love talking to people on the other side of the world lol
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Nice, so i have 1ZR-FAE engine too. :)

It has with Kakimoto muffler + custom middle pipe+KN filter + using 100 oct fuel 108,3 Kw on engine.

Valvematic redline is 6600rpm.

Please, can you tell me more about combination stock dumpers with H&R?


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