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Scrubbing on body kit/wheel arch fittings


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Hey guys,

Background: zr6 lowered on coils, hardness at front is 8 from hardest, 10 on back, 19x8.5 inch wheels +28offset, 235 40 tyres, approx 85mm height at lowest point.

Problem: Front - scrubbing on front wheel arches when sharp cornering where plastic protudes at outside edge near top, I have scrubbed through the plastic to the metal inside, pretty sure this is the front bumper connection fittings, to fix I'm going to hopefully bend the metal holding the front bumper and re-shape plastic so it's flat. Has anyone done this? Also is there another option which would stop the suspension from compressing at a certain height?

Back - scrubbed through carpet (2 small holes) outside edge at back very close to the lower plastic round fitting holding to the body, can see metal, does anyone know what this is (seems to be part of the body), can it be folded/grinded? Thankfully this only happens on big bumps or sharp cornering with 4 people in car.

Questions: are there bump stops on the zr6? Are these supposed to stop the suspension from compressing past a certain height or something along those lines so to stop scrubbing? If so can this be altered? If not is there something else I can install to do this?

And a random one, Im getting the front Superpro bushings installed for the pulling left issue, is there anything else which should be replaced whilst doing this, more bushings, re-greasing. Are there any bushings for the back as well?

Don't really want to set the coils any harder or raise the car. If anything if this works I will lower a bit more ^_^

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Honestly mate, set your coils a bit stiffer. Gonna run into all sorts of issues if you try to stop the suspension stroke by installing different bump stops. Fact is, can't go low without stiffer settings. Just the way it is.

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Have you had your guards rolled?
Assuming you have, may even go the next step and have the guards flared/pumped.

Do your coils allow camber adjustment at the front? This may get you that little bit further from the edges you're scrubbing against.

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I am going to as the wheels are going to be spaced outwards more.

The guards aren't the problem though, it's the narrow metal fittings to the inside of the body on the other side of the carpet (back) and font bumper fitting other side the plastic (front) which stick out inside the arches.

Might make it easier and take some pics :g:

Yup McPherson struts so theres camber on the front being used, rears are inwards from lowering anyway but still might get some camber bolts and see if they get me anymore space, cheers keeps my mind open for options.

I think Prodigy is right though. 4 in the car and the coils go to hardest, and the 5th can walk ahha. Probably should of got more than a 5kg spring for the back though <_<

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I don't run coilovers so am probably talking about something I know very little about but 5kg sounds very soft. Would it be easier ( on the hip pocket?) to buy different springs and put them in? Could work out to be a lot less hassle.

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I'm waiting on camber bolts myself to see how I go. And next will be stiffer springs for my coils too.

Seems we both have a work-in-progress. I'm running 9.5" +25 at the rear with 3KG springs so for me it's no-one in the back seat lol.

Think I'll get 10KG springs front and back when I do get them, that way I can set the coils soft(ish) and still have room to move when needed.

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The guards aren't the problem though, it's the narrow metal fittings to the inside of the body on the other side of the carpet (back)...

If you are referring to those threaded studs that the plastic screw clip things attach to to hold the carpet in place, you can get away with cutting the plastic clips in half (as the part that grips the threads is only on part of the clip) then cut the studs short with a rotary tool (or a hacksaw if you are creative like me.

After a lot of mucking around with my own scrubbing issues, I found that there is part of the body near where the bumper joins the body that the tyres can scrub against. You can get away with cutting this part of the body or filing it down/bending it out of the way.

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So camber on the rear has helped me a huge deal! I will still need stiffer springs for when I have a carload of people etc but after a spirited run up a twisty mountain run, I only scrubbed once. And that was going over train tracks a tad faster than I should have beforehand.

Considering I got the bolts shipped from the US, only came up to $70 all up. Bargain compared to what you'll pay here.

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