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That Old Leaky Camry V6


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Hi I have a feeling that this has been gone over before but I cant find the answer I am Looking for, My well cared for 2002 Camry Advantage has got a little oil leak, looking under the car from the slightly jacked up front, I can see a transverse exhaust bracket on a braided section of pipe and it is slightly wet with oil, I get one drip per day on my floor but the bracket looks wet,

I am guessing that the position where this oil is coming out is an indication of where it is leaking from?? I will be going into a Mobility scooter in a couple of years so if this is not a danger or going to blow my motor up I would just as soon leave it til its time to part, There is no significant loss of oil between changes. any advice is appreciated ( I love spell check)

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Chances are pretty good that the leak is coming from the Rocker Cover Gasket on the rear cylinder bank( Fairly common for these motors) and is more of a messy nuisance than an impending engine failure. Therefore if I were in your position I would just leave it. Enjoy yor mobility scooter.

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