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I have just purchased a 1998 AE112 corolla hatchback after 3 years of being "Car-los" .

In this time i have been a passenger twice & driven once ( a weird experience i must admit )

The stroller is a back up for my main ride,a 1300cc V4 sports-tourer motorbike.

I know that it will only be a matter of time before i start throwing money at it despite it only being driven at odd intervals.To this end If anyone has any suggestions for steering wheels(ditching the bag for a sports wheel) recaro type seats or anything else that makes little sense, feel free to post ideas.

I will post pics when i get it home later this week.Meantime, here's a pic from the ad.

I'm on extended holidays & back from a long distance ride early,so the potential for stupidity is looking good !


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Hello and welcome to the club. How much are you willing to fork out? I would suggest going to the wreckers for some "Cheaper" Recaros. As in Steering wheels I used to be a big Fan of MoMo steering. That was before I got an Aurion lol.

Anyways keep us updated with your upgrades and enjoy your stay here :)

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Well, this car is a bust.Unable to contact the seller so i assume he ran into trouble with the roadworthy.

Found a nice 97 Celica on Gumtree last night which turned out to be a scam.

As is always the case, when your not looking there is a heap of cars for sale !

I will keep an eye out on Ebay , Gumtree etc .Hopefully a car will pop up in the next few weeks before i go back to work.....

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Pulled the trigger on a 1996 Celica last night after riding to the North Lakes area for a test drive & inspection.Deal done & delivered to my home 50km away by 8pm same night ( monday 7th )

Backed her into the garage this morning,jacked her up then let the "retired from the industry" toyota mechanic flatmate go to town.

Returned from Repco on the motorbike with : Monroe front struts,tappet cover gasket,blue max gasket goo,6 x can's degreaser ($10 deal) engine oil & filter,fuel filter,5 ltr bottle coolant,clutch/brake fluid,gearbox oil & spark plugs.

Dropped that lot off then headed to the local stealership to order top & bottom radiator hoses & heater hose( to heater tap ).Scoured the internet wreckers for a EGR pipe & air intake hose.Have a few good leads which i will chase up in the morning.Got the oil/filter,fuel filter,spark plug,tappet cover change done along with clutch fluid flush/change done as well.Will get underneath & degrease tomorrow to see what needs being done after removing the tappet cover leak grime.

After finishing up & taking the car outside i realised the pet possum which sleeps in the fireplace & the roof above the back deck when not out rooting for days/weeks at a time was 3 foot away watching the proceedings from a bucket sitting on top of the table-tennis table folded up in the corner of the garage. Sneaky ***** !





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