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zze122 full respray flared guards plenty more

Mystik rolla

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hey guys

here is my corolla from 4 yrs ago. was our first family bus.

This is night we got it.


the very next day..



17x7 speedy lite 5's that came off our previous car which was a mx5.

couple days later.



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The this was great for 2 yrs or so until we had another child. so we upgraded to a 2010 camry

i kept this for me. throughout its life it had numerous dents etc which i repaired and spot primered.

Drive like that for a while until i cracked it.

it was time to respray it.

Initially was going to be a standard respray inside and out. factory colour with flakes in the clear.

as you'll soon see this got out of hand.

this is the day i started to strip her down.






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Then i decided the standard body wasnt good enough.. so i ordered flares.

fibreglass. riveted and glued. then moulded to body and bumpers. Rear guards cut and rewelded front sliced back to give maximum clearance.




Welded up my antenna hole as well


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Next cam the kit. got myself a levin lip and skirts.. i much prefer these.. i dont like the lil vents that the tivo ones have. also the levin skirts are a bit more curvy.

looks a lil cleaner to me.

here is a pic of the widened front with the lip pretty staunch.


Wheels of choice. 15x8 +20



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Thanks Jeffy!

ok carpet..


old school carpet. super thick. Those sections are glued in. then there are mats that go in the middle. Overlocked and stitched to a 20mm foam layer. the carpet pile itself is very deep.

the door trims



then console and gear boot


dash! this is me second favourite bit.


Front seats extra 25mm overall foam and 15mm bolstering. super comfy


I dont have a pic of the roof lining but thats also been redone in black Velour.

here is my rear seat currently still awaiting the bottom half.


random pic


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Looked good out the front of my house the other day lol

The pics don't do this car any justice man. This thing is soooo PIMP!!!!

Luc you are a re very talented man. Now hurry up and paint my car haha

Nice work brother see you Friday :)

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Sooo well. i have a few updates. two weeks after it being on the rd i smashed it. Not badly but enough to destroy a wheel. destroy my drivers headlight, bumper bar and both drivers fenders.

Hill runs + wet conditions + mudslides = guard rail.

anyway i fixed it all and got it in primer. couple months passed and knock knock.. ye old 1zzfe spun no.4 rod bearing. ergh second motor down. so i researched the engine a bit more to find its pretty common once u give it hell and turn corners.

Confirmed this once i stripped the motor down.. the oil pickup is in a dumb spot.

So.. motor is stripped bare. Forged rods and pistons on the way. garret t28 turbo, full water to air intercooler setup sitting at my shop. Will be collecting parts over the next few months and it'll be going back on the rd as a built turbo motor.

Also Shaved door handles and fender indicators. So another respray.

Project cars never end.

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Left hand corner. Down a hill. U can imagine how grippy it is. I was hooking. Powered out of the corner as soon as it came up to limiter it's started rattling real bad. Basically the hard cornering and the high revs it starved out of oil. Spun number 4 and by the looks of it number 3&2 were very close as well.

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If u crack open the sump and look at where the pickup is it obvious why u can have troubles. The baffling is poor and the pickup is no where near the deepest part of the sump. Aftermarket dumps are available. They have larger capacity and trapdoors to ensure good oiling under any condition.

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Love this thing. Pity you smash it dopey ;)

But that interior looks even better in real life. Can't wait for you to start bringing it out to meets again.

Dem flares!!!

Get a profile pic!

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