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K&N Apollo

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I was just calling around today, got quoted $250 from autobarn hoppers. Anyone got one of these systems, they are fully enclosed and have a hose that runs from one end to get cold air inducted. They look pretty cool, but use a cheap plastic cover ....here is the pic


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I'll let you guys know how it performs :) the BMC one is worth a friggen fortune. I had a look at it, nice carbon fiber looking unit with a small metal mesh inside, but was quoted $600 by Hoppers crossing autobarn. I got the K&N from the city for $210, a $70 drop from original price....easy to install, already have the adapter for the AFM so will let you guys know how it works. i already have a hose running from underneath the bumper, so this unit hooked up to the hose will make it a true cai system sucking air from the front of the car. The positives are that i can now wash the engine bay without worrying about the pod getting wet. Will post pics later.

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so lucio, u have tried TRD, INJEN and now you're going for K&N.

Dont forget the K&N shortram (all noise) :)

It will be good to measure the difference on dynoday.

yea..keep us posted on the result..so we know whether if worth getting or not as alternative to CAI..

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I would imagine this could be slotted onto an SRI and piped to the front, or to the top of the bonnet (eddys form in the gutter between the bonnet and the windscreen, hence why the AC intake is there too) for cold air. :)

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I have actually played with these types of filters and found I received an improvement in HP until the higher revs and then it fell off below the stock power curve. I found they had a tendency to starve the engine of air through the lack of ability to flow the high volumes needed up in the high rev ranges! This was on Honda VTEC engines so I hope it doe's not do the same on yours!

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Its not a bad unit, its nice and quiet, the flow is hard to say, seems to flow a bit better than the stock box. With CAI its hard to say as the noise is deceiving. Dyno day will prove its worth when i test the car with the stock box and then the Apollo Unit.

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what if the apollo happens to perform like your previous add on K&N filter?

To be honest Danz, on the dyno it might not make any difference, and yesterday being so hot it did not feel like it was a huge improvement over stock, but on a cold day, it will make a big difference. The whole concept on this unit is to suck cold air and you have the added value of ramming it from outside. A CAI will suck air that is behind the headlight, so its not rammed onto the pod. This Apollo, I attached a hose so the air comes from directly in front of the car, so all the vaccum is happening fom the front of the car, and when the car is moving, the air is forced inside this tube. On a cold day it will suck up nothing but ice cold air.....and at velocity the air becomes cooler i think (I was bad a physics) so its all beneficial. Being an enclosed unit, its very quite and 100% legal. Its just another option to the CAI. Easy to install and looks very good underneath the engine bay. It's very light and typical K&N the filter unit can be cleaned. As far as being restrictive over a CAI, i dont think it is, the area of the filter is similar, it just doesent make the noise and noise is very deceptive.

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what i say you wil most likely feel is crisp throttle respond. The design is not a bad design, infact I think this is the best of both world, cold air and short ram - take advantage of both worlds.

As for dyno, don;t worry about it, the idea with short ram is not power but reaction time - that's not something a dyno can do.

I saw a similar unit called K&N Hypercharge, i think this is only available in Japanese market. There was this blog website (u know, where u can write diary, prgoress etc etc) that showed how the owner modified the K&N Hypercharge for celica zzt to fit his rolla, complete with super big air feed that runs all the way down to the foggies - v neat. He got A/F readings in relation to his awesome DIY intake but the page was not able to translate that particular information. Even a review is available.

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  • 2 months later...

So how did the Apollo fair on the dyno??? The results were never mentioned

108.5 kw i think?

But was dynoed with a CES EXHAUST.. sounded funky!

So there was a gain??

Sorry for my stupidty or is it more throttle response??

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yes there was a gain.

And better throttle response :)

i think lucio couldnt tell the diff with the cai and appollo as he tested both cars and both had same results. Note: him and his misses both drive sportivo :lol: :P

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