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Corolla sportivo gearbox worries.

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Hi bought a 2003 sportivo  4 months back and i love the car it drives and performs great. The other month its gearbox suddenly died without warning and after researching more i have noticed many people with problems relating to this. it wasn't a syncro problem but rather the output shaft.

 I replaced the box with a used one which seems to be fine for now but i have lost almost all trust in it. You can still buy new boxes from japan for around $4000 aud. Rebuilding seems pricey and their doesn't seem to be any quick fix mods around to help,

The car only has just done 100,000kms so it was a surprise to me to have it **** up already.

Any help or advice would be good. I'm considering selling it and going back to a commodore or something but i really do like it i just don't want to be stung again.

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Its fixed now but yeah even when rolling with the engine off it would make the clunking noise. With the front jacked up it would physically make the entire engine move each time it knocked. Before it happened it was shifting like a champ even close to the limiter which didn't happen all that much.You could even drive it how it was but it sounded like a jack hammer.

It could have been the diff.

Would you guys sell it on or keep it? Other than that i really like the car i just don't want to spend more money on it as i only just got it 4 months back.


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I would be inclined to keep the vehicle but I have hoarder tendencies.

As I said in another post, if you want performance and reliability then do both regular and preventative maintenance.

I do oil and filter changes every 5,000 km using the latest oil specification eg SN. After doing some research, I am changing over to just using a full-synthetic transmission oil in all my vehicles. Always best to check various lubrication guides for your vehicle and choose the better quality oils.


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