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Removing Dash Trim


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Hi All,


Just curious - how do you remove the glossy piano black door trim? 

I have been prying and levering it but I would like to know if there are any tips and tricks to it.

I have been cautious as I don't want to break it. 

I only want to uninstall it so I can wrap it in a matte carbon fibre vinyl.



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Yikes !! 

Don't attempt to pry it off. You will break it.

I agree with Krig. 

Remove the door card and investigate first. It could be simply held together by screws, or it may well be just glued on.

Look before you leap !

Another thing I'd do is visit a local wrecker and see if they have any damaged Aurions with damaged door card and ask the friendly wrecker bloke if it's possible to figure it out, unless the wrecker knows.

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Yep! I removed all my trims not too long ago and all the door trims have screws holding them on, so the door panels need to be removed.

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