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18x8 Alloys on a 2010 Camry Altese


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Hi All,

this is my first post as I have just bought a low km(30,000km) 2010 Camry Altese in pearler condition.

I am going to fit 18x8 45p offset Alloys on soon and was wondering if a 245/45R18 tyre will fit without fouling on the inside or on the front when turning.

The. Other option is a 235/45R18.I would like to keep the rolling diameter up and have that 245 width if possible.Has anyone gone that big on there Camry Cheers Ritcho






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The TRD Aurion of the same generation has 19x8 wheels and uses 245/35 R19 tyres. With 18x8 you should should still be able to put 245 width on theoretically? I've seem some Camrys with huge wheels on. Tyre shop say anything?

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This tyre size calculator should be handy. 235/45/18 is close to the circumfrance of thr original tyres 215/60/16


Also if you increase the tyre pressure on your standard size tyres to say 38psi, you will find this makes the tyre side walls stiffer and it improves the handling a bit.

Recently I bought a set of 4 camber adjustment bolts on AliExpress.com but have yet to fit them. Just something to consider if required for a better wheel alignment and tyre wear.

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