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  1. nidge

    Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    Ah right I see. Actually it was the cam cover gasket seal that was replaced. Thanks for the info! :)
  2. nidge

    Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    Thanks for sharing :) Yes mine is a 5S-FE. Had timing belt done at 10 years / 129,000km. Head gasket was replaced last year and that fixed most of the leaking. Haven’t had seals replaced. Should I get that done? I imagine it’s a lot of work. Have looked after my car as best I can but it seems I could have done more! In 2014 took it over a rough road after tracks were made in the mud from earth movers and the vibrations were so bad I think it shook some of my engine mounts. Never drove the same after that. Rougher when cold and around 2,000RPM at low speeds.
  3. nidge

    Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    Wow how many kms has your Camry done? Mine is nearly 240,000km. Very slight leak on side but doesn’t drop any on the floor so it’s not bad at all. I normally use Shell HX7 semi synthetic 10w-40 and now Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 semi synthetic.
  4. nidge

    LED headlights

    The police don’t bother pulling people over with illegal bulbs. What’s scarier is those who buy cheap ultra florescent looking LEDs that are blinding to look at but have hardly any road output. Doubly dangerous. I’m using Philips WhiteVision and Osram Cool Blue for exterior lights which are road legal. Still yellowish but a good compromise between white clarity and light output. Truthfully most people will benefit from a headlight reliagnment more than a stock bulb change.
  5. nidge

    Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    For older engines, what’s your thoughts on mineral VS synthetic for older cars? Some experts claim that synthetic can cause older engines to leak badly (especially in the case of 5S-FE and 1MZ-FE). Perhaps a high mileage oil would be better like Castrol GTX 15W-50?
  6. nidge

    Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

    I used to do mine every 7500km according to service manual’s “severe driving conditions” and since oils and filters have improved (I used part synthetic) I’ve jumped to 10000km intervals.
  7. nidge


    Welcome Filtanut. Aurion’s have become an Aussie collectable :)
  8. nidge

    The old SXV20R Camry

    Totally agree! I've only ever used Bridgestone or Goodyear, but looking to put on a set of Michelin XM2 for the next tyre change. I'm pretty particular about the load and speed rating and matching or exceeding manufacturer guidelines. I wonder if all the talk about eco-friendly tyres is legit - do Bridgestone Ecopias really save that much fuel?
  9. nidge

    The old SXV20R Camry

    Thanks for that. I would have thought wider tyres would improve braking and traction! I suppose there’s a reason manufacturers pick a certain wheel/tyre spec for their cars after loads of R&D. I’m pretty happy with the way the Camry is actually :)
  10. nidge

    The old SXV20R Camry

    Yeah the cost factor on tyres is a big deterrent. Not sure how much ride harshness and fuel economy will also be affected.
  11. nidge

    The old SXV20R Camry

    Here's my old girl I've had since 2004 after I got it from an auction. Ex-police vehicle. Still thinking if I should bump the wheels up to 17x7" 215/50R17 from current stock size 15x6" 205/65R15 (exact same diameter). Thoughts?
  12. nidge

    What made you buy a Camry?

    Similar reasons to the others here. Bought my Camry second hand in 2004 (November 2000 build) and it runs pretty well to this day. So cheap to keep going and very reliable.
  13. nidge

    2007 Camry Sportivo

    Love it. Do you find the 19 inch wheels impact ride comfort and straight line speed noticeably?
  14. nidge

    1983 Tarago

    Amazing! Had plenty of ride time in those Taragos.
  15. nidge


    I ended up spending $100 to get a replacement remote for mine. Ouch. One of my keys started to wear down and couldn’t turn ignition on one side. I’d say cheapest is just using the key cutters in centre aisle at shopping malls.