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Can anyone recommend any upgrades to my Aurion


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Hey Guys, I’ve been recently given an Aurion by my parents as they have now bought a new car, just wondering if anyone on here can suggest any work I should to do to make this thing look better, the rims are old now as well and the first thing I want to do is to replace them, but can’t find anything good, I would also like to change the front grille. any ideas appreciated!


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What is the model of the car? Is it a 40 series (2007-2011) or a 50 series 2012-2017)?
what is the type AT-X, Sportivo, Prodigy, Touring, or Presara?Do you want to enhance looks and appearance, or mechanical mods?



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Sorry guys I’m new here, it’s a 2011 model ATX, (BTX) bathurst limited edition, I’m mainly looking to enhance looks and appearance, as I’m quite happy with the mechanical side so far, I want to give this car a meaner look, the car just seems to come across as a bit boring, I’m interested in any suggestions, like lowering, aftermarket body kits, first thing first is I want to change these rims! they have curb rash all over them and I’m in need of new ones ASAP 

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you specifically mention the wheels. What is the diameter of the wheels and rim width (if known).
a close up pic. of the wheels would help.
Also, There are outfits who recondition and clean up alloy wheels with gutter rash and suchlike. Maybe this is a cheaper option than new wheels.





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According to the Toyota media statement of 2011, your model has $3000 of extras over and above a Prodigy of the same age.

In original trim it had 17 inch wheels. However from your pic, the wheels on the vehicle pictured may be larger.
Why not check the markings on the tyres and let us know?





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On 19/12/2017 at 9:19 PM, danieljames225 said:

I want to give this car a meaner look

Sports Bonnet treatment with scoops and/or vents plus daytime running lights.

The following is just a primer to get the thought process activated.


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