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High beams do not work

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Hello everyone,

Im new to this forum and hope someone can help me figure our my problem:

All of sudden my high beams don't turn on. I checked the voltage between bulb plugs : 0v so it is not the bulb. I also checked the fuses and they are ok. Low beams do work. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for my car model ? This is Toyota Avalon 2002 


Also can I ask for the dimmer switch pins diagram to test if it is ok ? Otherwise, is there any place in Sydney I can try a dimmer switch before buying it?


Thanks for reading this

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Gday Dean, I just spotted your post and you seem to have the same problem in your 2002 model as I’m having in my 2003, high beam.

If you have a read of my few posts you’ll get a bit of the progression with how mine went from working as normal, beginning to flicker off and on a few times before I went back to low beam before  high beam went off all together while I was driving.

 Now after flicking off and on even more,..they have now stopped working completely and even the high beam wont even kick in so as to not work,..(if that makes any sense).  If I hit high beam before it would go to high beam before immediately going off,..back on,.. off again,..etc, etc before staying off and in darkness. Now it wont even do that,..the low beam stays on the whole time despite my several attempts at still trying to flick to high beam, where nothing happens

I'm now 99% sure, having checked everything else, including replacing the headlight relay, that the fault is almost certainly in the dipper unit on the column. Either a ‘dirty’ contact or a ‘broken’ contact inside the dipper itself.  I would LOVE to get a dipper switch fitted to the floor above my left foot, just as we used to have but I don’t know how difficult that would be.

All I need to do now is find out how to get in to the column and get the existing dipper unit out so I can test it and/or replace it.

  Hope that helps,.....Cheers.


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