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Toyota camry fog light problem

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Hi guys,

My car is 2004 toyota camry sportivo V6 MCV36R. I change my fog light to LED light bulb half year ago, it works great during the time. However, it”s not work today suddenly . I check the fog light fuse and it is blown. And then I replace the new one. I turn on the fog light again and the new fuse blown again! Can anyone have any solutions of that? The fog light fuse is 15A. Do I need to change bigger which is 20A?

or I need to replace thr fog light? But I think thr fog light still working!

hope you guys can give me some solutions !


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Not an auto electrician but is sounds to me like a short in the electrical circuit. Perhaps broken/worn wiring insulation. I would also be inspecting the fog light housing.

Let the Forum know what the end solution is.

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