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flat engine vs V type engine vs inline

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i realy wanna know as i cant find any info about it, whats the diference between a flat engine such as subey's flat fours/six and V type such as V6/8/10... and inline such as our corolas inline four, whats the benefits of them? and why no one make v4 enigines or inline 8 engines?

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IL engines are looooong. with an IL8, u either have to have a car long enough or wide enough.


different configurations have different balancing issues

USUALLY, most 4 cylinders larger than a 2L wil have counter-rotating balance shafts, the perfectly balanced is an IL6.

and to a certain extent durability

a hi-revving 2L V6 and a hi-revving 2L IL4, obviously the piston velocities and reciprocation are fart greater in the IL4.

actually, wat u need to do is get a big cup of tea, sit down and read this.


very interesting :)

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