06-10 CAMRY Aftermarket Head Unit Question

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Hi again Folks

It looks like I need to replace my '07 Camry Grande's head unit  -  don't get me wrong, it's awesome and has crystal clear audio during phone calls, which is tremendously important not only for my work, but when speaking to my mum who is (very) hearing impaired. FWIW it's far better than my wife's 2014 Hyundai ix35!

BUT ... I need audio streaming for my work and I guess the model predates that capability, so it's time to consider options. Sadly, the amazing $1900 Pioneer unit that I fitted into my '03 Camry went with the car. Bummer. 

Anyway, I saw that there are aftermarket units that seamlessly fit into the Camry's opening so I wonder if anyone has fitted one of those here and how it performs.

Alternatively, does anyone have one of those "FM" jiggers that plugs into the lighter socket and plays through the radio? Possibly that might be a fair alternative.


Pics are of the two I have found online. Smaller one has disk capability. And one of the car in case people aren't familiar with the model.


Camry Stereo1.jpg



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I replaced my head unit in my 07 Aurion with one that looks similar to the first pic - the sound is far superior and well worth the expense, the speakers remain stock and are pretty good tehy were just underutilised with the old stock head unit. I used a youtube video to follow re removal instructions it was pretty easy if you have a long socket (most jobs are easy with the right tools and near on impossible without them). I paid $400 on Ebay from recollection. It's a worthwhile mod from my perspective.

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