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2006 Corolla Radio Removal

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Hi all,

I literally bought a TOYOTA COROLLA ZZE122R ZZE122 2006 4 Door Sedan 1.8 litre today.

So I am wanting to put a double DIN Head unit in it, something like this here: Click to item

And here attached is the unit in my car.

I have been unsuccessful in finding a similar how to video to remove the current unit, is there one here if anyone knows of one?

P.S.  Apart from the leads to attach the new unit in the back is any additional facia or anything else required apart from the new head unit. from what I can see its a swap over.

Many thanks for any help here in advance.


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Hey mate, you will need to remove the air con vent trim which you simply put your fingers on each vent and pull it straight out. Depending if the unit has been changed before, you'll need to loosen some screws/bolts that hold the unit in place within the unit mount. Once they're removed the unit should easily come out, just be sure to watch your trims as you do this.

A wiring harness makes life a lot easier when changing units. I've had one in mine since I changed the unit almost 4 years ago with no issues.

https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/aerpro-aerpro-wiring-harness---suit-toyota-app141/11550.html - Something like this, you can find all over the Net.

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Ok perfect thank you I will simply go the vents either side of the current unit, I assume they just snap in or something, either way ill give it a go and yes I got the ISO for the new unit already, thanks again bro very much!

P.S. Dont suppose you know how to remove the gear shift boot cover, as I am replacing that and the gear knob!

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For the gear boot, you'll need to remove the ash tray compartment and than pull from the top and the shift surround pops out. All you'll need to do is disconnect the power going to cigarette lighter before you remove the trim away.

To remove the boot, you may need something to leverage it (nothing too sharp) with as it uses a metal liner to clip in underneath and you'll need to get one side off which will let you get it off the the trim from there.


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I just managed to do it with the shift boot thank you.

Just to double confirm with the stereo I am getting in the vents themselves to pull the plastic out around the stereo as pictured with the red arrows I just did?

Do i pull it out that way??


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Hey boys, 

Just wanted to say thanks for your posts. Updated my daughters stock radio to a 2din unit and was greatful for your tip with the Vents. 

I still had to remove the console below the radio (it was easy following a few hints from USA vids on similar corolla) 

There was no way I could get the screw/bolts holding the original radio to the factory bracket out... Without getting the whole unit out to work on. 

Also used the aerpro Harness for Toyota and the harness for my 2din unit (Kenwood) . Be sure to get the aepro side din fillers.. I needed these.. The Kenwood filler for Toyota didn't fit. 👍

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