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double standards ???

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This got emailed to me ... dunno if you guys have seen it before


gonna keep this pic in mind the next time i'm talking on my mobile while i'm driving........hehehehe

no need for speaker phone no more..........hehehehee

if i get a fine i'm printing this pic......hehehe

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according to the telegraph the other day, legally policemen/women are allowed to talk on their phone while driving as long as it is in certain circumstances blah blah blah

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ahh i dunno you cant really tell from the pic...

you'd think they would use handsfree anyway just because it looks bad to see a cop breaking the law...

of course that cop could be pulled over.. he looks fairly close to the kerb..

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Looks like they're parked stationary. Deffinately not moving because a camera of that quality couldn't possibly have shutter speed that fast.

Actually, I think Suicid3 is right. They might be parked at a red light because u can see power cable line reflections on the windows so they are most likely on a road. I first thought they were parked at a reserve or something. I always question these things before jumping to conclusions :rolleyes:

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this is a quote from the email

"Taken July '05 Logan Qld. Rang the Police. Told me it is acceptable for Police to use mobiles whilst driving due to 'sensitive information' not being fit for transmission. Note QLD SE now use digital radio. Guess they take driver training to teach driving with a phone? Obv they haven't discovered the amazing world of hands-free.

For the record, rego was 252HQQ 24/7/05 12:03pm."

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mmm! iv seen this before! But what can you say if you get pulled over!?

oh sorry officer but i saw one of your mates talking on his mobile earlier so i thought it was ok!

i think he would be very upset to say the least!

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The person who took the pic best not get too cocky. Your not allowed to take photo's while driving also, even if stopped at the lights.

I know cos some idiot in my area made the local paper whinging that they got done for taking pics of themselves with their new camera phone at a red light :P :lol:

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