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2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid Should I buy it.


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6 hours ago, ionia174 said:

An energetic powertrain, a comfortable ride, and a feature-filled cabin help the 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid place near the top of our hybrid car rankings.

2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Should I buy it?

I have viewed a number of YouTube videos reviewing the plug in hybrid Toyota available in the USA and was very impressed with the performance. Unfortunately not yet available in Australia. Also viewed videos that detailed that Toyota hybrids have very specific requirements when performing routine maintenace e.g. doors closed when changing brake fluid etc. Still all good because Toyota is a proven leader in hybrid vehicles.

Then I viewed the following video by John Cadogan. I had not realised that the hybrid vehicles sold in Australia only had a pathetic 1KW battery. I mistaking thought that the hybrid vehicle could operate on the battery pack for a longer distance i.e. short urban commute. Obviously getting confused with the plug in hybrids and full electric vehicles.

John Cadogan makes a number of very valid points about wanting a hybrid vehicle and then what happens in the next few years when Toyota eventually makes the decision to make full capability plug in hybrid vehicles available in Australia.

Some of the comments for this YouTube video are quite worthwhile considering and determining which ones are applicable/relevant to you.  


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Back in 2019...I did a lot of research on Petrol vs Hybrid that's why I bought a Petrol Camry.  :smile:

The Hybrid battery that sits across the back seat costs many thousands to replace...Toyota gives you a 5 year warranty...10 years it you service the car with Toyota.  After that you pay...your car wont be worth much in 10 years. :sad:

If the Hybrid battery dies...you can't jump start it.  The Electric motor that runs the system also costs heaps to replace...replacing the brakes cost thousands to replace...Hybrids cost thousands more to buy.  :yucky:

Toyota says you only use 4.6 lts per 100 kms but you must use 95 octane or higher and there's the cost of the Hybrid battery replacement...so where's the saving.  :rolleyes:

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