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Battery light staying on


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G’day all,

had my battery light come on over the weekend, so tested the alternator & the regulator had **** itself (was charging at 17v) so replaced the alternator with a new 130a alternator and the battery light is still on, tested the battery and its fine at 12.8v (ute was off) tested all the earths & cleaned them, all good. Checked all fuses & they’re good as well. Checked alternator connections aswell & they’re good, New alternator charges at 14.1 volts yet the light remains on and scan tool isn’t showing any codes.

(ute is a 2008 Hilus extra cab with a 1KD-FTV in it, manual)

I’m out of ideas, can anyone point me in the right direction?



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10 hours ago, Bigpete said:

No green death in the wiring

Haha, green death... 

Could well be, or the O.P. needs to check the integrity of the control wires. There could be a break somewhere, more likely the one that signals the battery light.

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I’ve had a similar issue with a mates hilux ..fault was the wiring loom from alternator close to engine block that had worn through harness due to vibration etc …wire in loom was either contacting ground or broken ….not much to go on my memory isn’t the best but worth a look …follow the loom and inspect 👍

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