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Pinging issue - 2001 Previa (Tarago) ACR30


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Hi All  - new here. I am based in the UK with a 2001 Previa CDX  - same as Tarrago in Oz.   Engine was replaced at 165,000 miles runs well but prone to pinging under load.  It's done 30,000 miles now so well and truly run in but it hates standard unleaded and will only not complain on Premium fuel with Redex.  I also had the CAT replaced 6 months ago but it still likes to rattle.  Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks.


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So the engine has been reconditioned then did you say ?

If so, Is it also possible they decked the block or head and invertedly raised the compression ratio ?

If that's the case, then it's too late to fix and you may well just have to keep using higher octane fuel.

Another thing you could check is the timing. Make sure it's within spec and too far advanced. That can cause pinging too. 

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Hi Tony 

Thanks for that advice. yes engine was enchanged for a rebuilt one about 30,000 ago. I don't know if it was docked but that is likely in a reco. I hadn't considered that. Thats helpful to know. 

From what I understand the timing is set and cant be adjusted - is that correct? 


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