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Everyone wants a race

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Does anyone find that at most sets of lights there is always someone who wants to race against the Sportivo. It seems that everyone wants to see how it goes.

i have increased the amount of time this happens by lowering my car.

All other sportivos get this happening to them?


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Not very much, and I drive approx 100km a day just to & from work. It would be a much more enjoyable drive though if it did. I might have to bring forward doing the suspension :D :D

I find most people just think its a standard corolla, including a guy the other morning in his done up levin. His car looked pretty good, great wheels, lowering looked right and nice exhaust. He must have decided his modded Levin would show my standard looking corolla a thrashing. SURPRISE I think summed it up for him!

Hey... I did not really want to do it as he looked like he luved his car, but I though he has to learn about the Stivo sometime. I will not forget his face as I hit lift. His eyes were 3 times as wide and his jaw in his lap. :o :o :o

Life seems pretty good when you are looking at it in your mirrors... even though in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Probably gonna go to hell for doing that to a fellow corolla owner." Oh well... just hope I can take my stivo with me!

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Great story! =)

Although, i too own a Levin..well....soon i won't be as i will have a stivo soon.

is there really a big difference in terms of performance?

coz the levin is over 100kg lighter...and the powerband is more wider.

like...how much did you get infront of him?

(RACE ME! i don't care if i loose, just as long as i know how much better the stivo is to my levin!!)

'bring it on!' :blink:

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Yeah I know xTiGeRx.

I made sure when I typed it that I would hopefully not offend you, after having seen your posts. Do not believe the weight quoted by toyota for the stivo, a new zealand mag actually weighed the car with 2 adult male passengers and a full tank of fuel & found it 40 kilo's lighter than manufacturers specs. But that's all to do with model politics!!

But I guess you would really like to know how the run against the Levin went.

We both launched pretty much together with my nose moving out to about half a bonnet in front at 6000rpm. Then it was over! In lift he looked like he was standing still. By the time I was maxxing out second the Levin was a long ways back and he was certainly still trying... I thought he had been spanked enough so that's where I backed off, but like most who can't believe they just got toasted he screamed past me and just kept going into the distance.

I like the Levin, nearly brought one a few years back, but you've made the right choice trading for a stivo. When the engine free's up a bit it's quicker than most people think. Your going to love it!!!

Cheers mate

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No offence taken. :)

I'm a good loser! but i never give up...i'll keep trying and get spanked everytime. but i don't care, coz i know i'm learning and getting better each time...well...as much as physically possible. :rolleyes:

Anyone care to have a race? I wanna see how a stivo goes against my car.

i'm in the kellyville area.

pm me if you want.

"job's on!"

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I do most of my driving to/from work in stacks of traffic, so I don't get much of a chance to be up the front of a set of lights. I've only had 2 dudes want to race so far.. normally I just smoke cars at the lights for fun :)

(damn, there goes another tank of petrol..)

- Matthew

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I havent seen one sportivo on the road, unfortunately...

or maybe i have but have mistaken it for a corolla hehe

THe celica pulls well, theres a few 7th gens trolling around syd. BE good to see u all at a meet and check out ur stivos..

But for a story, here is one i heard yesterday. A mate from my work, he ownz a Honda S2000, basically a ballsier version of a VTEC/LIFT engines, putting out 170+Kw.

SO hes at a set of lights, and a ford tickford XR8 pulls up next to him, worked, wanting to race, revving his engine. My mate with the s2000 doesnt race him, and they hit the next set of lights. Again, same thing, the ford is revving hard, and my mate says hes not gonna race tonight, and doesnt even look at the guy..

Third set of lights. realise its about 11pm, roads are fairly quiet. THe ford guy does down the window and beeps his horn, my mate in the s2000 puts down his window and says "yeah?", the ford guy tells him "Mate come on, your not chicken are you? Race me", so the screw it factor kicked in, and he decided to race, light does green and theyre off, ford nose just behind the s2000 boot, and s2000 hits vtec and screams hitting 170Km in a 60 zone with the ford xr8 EXTREMELY behind and owned. The commodore pulls out from behind the ford and chases the s2000, unmarked cop car, pulls over s2000.

This is it. My mate gets out of the car, gives the license. Its basically all ovr, and the ford guy is driving off without being pulled over. THe officer says to him, you realise you were driving 110 kms over the limit, and you were street racing. With this your will lose your license and have your car towed/impounded till probably january. My mate is ****ting himself, officer then turns to him and says, but i watched you from the first set of lights, and saw that you ignored the guy and tried not to race him, which is a good thing. He says to mate, you know why i pulled you over and not him.?

My mate says "no, why". the officer says to him "Look at that guy, hes in a ford, how many cars like that are gonna pull up to you in this car and want to race? pretty much all of them, so its up to you to make sure it doesnt happen"..

."If i so much as catch you doing 2km over any signposted speed limit your finished, now drive home safe and dont do it again" and with this, my mate drove home in his s2000, needless to say he prayed that night because he truly would have been fu(ked up had it been another officer.

I felt i should share this story with you, because you guys want to race and i understand its hella fun, but its not meant to happen on the roads so just realise how quickly **** can hit the fan if you do decide to do it guys. And its a good story heheh

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Top story Sharmz...

That has to be the most leanient copper in Aus. I don't see myself roaring to 170 in a sixty zone though. But the odd race off the lights aint too bad. My g/f is allways saying "whats the point of a fast car if we have speed limits and as I keep telling her it is not about how fast your going but how long it takes to get you there. :D

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Yep. Couldn't agree with you more.

Everyone does want a race with you at every set of lights.

So far I've noticed a cordia turbo, pulsar sss, laser tx3, older corollas - they just gun it at the lights but unfortunately I'm still running in the engine and haven't seen anything above 4000 rpm. :angry:

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I had an old Levin 2000 model. I raced one. The only real performance mod i had was an exhaust.

He beat me buy about 1.5 car lengths and i knew how to drive that car real well. Its really quick off the line, but a 6200rpm redline shows its downfall. It also has a fairly average gearbox. The sportivo should kill it by 2-3 carlengths.

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  • 2 months later...
The old Sportivo would not really hold up. They only produced 119kw and were a bit of a joke at the time for what you had to pay for one.

yeah a mate of mine had the Gold one. 1.8litre turbo. hes running 11 pound with exhaust and air filter he pulls away off start (their quite torquey) hit lift.... almost dead even with him, 2nd; infront, 3rd; .... "jesus where the hell did he go? i cant see him"


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dude i dont find that. i pull up to a set of light and dont even get a look at. if i were in my SSS pulsar every man and his dogs gets g'd up for a race. but yeah little bit of lifting and they recognise :o

w3rd homie :lol:

y'all be showing some respect now. :D


:lol::lol: bahahaha

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