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there is a trd LSD you can drop in place of our stock diffs.. costs slightly over a grand but its definately a well worth purchase if you're gonna improve the handling and maximise the performance of your car. Lots of power thru front wheels + open diff = power losing wheel spin

oh and the price of our stivo clearly spells 'no lsd'. Even the japanese made celicas dont have an lsd and they're paying a whooping 43k or more.. 43k compare to 29k is quite a hefty difference..

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Check this out 1ZZ boys - MWR Toyota 1ZZ-FE Big Bore Kit


This is the kit you've been waiting for! It includes the cast nodular iron sleeves and forged pistons required to punch your stock 1.8L 1ZZ-FE engine out to an 82.0mm bore (Just under 2.0L), increasing power and torque across the entire rev range. The sleeves are extremely strong and will allow your engine to more comfortably handle large amounts of boost or nitrous.

Wiseco forged alloy pistons (including high performance rings and pins) are included with the kit in your choice of compression ratio. Choose 8.8:1 units to suit supercharged or turbocharged applications; choose 11.0:1 for increased naturally aspirated power. These pistons will work with stock rods, but Crower rods are strongly recommended for engines that will see nitrous use or boost pressure.

Your block will need to be machined to allow installation of these sleeves- consult your local engine machine shop for labor costs.

Available now.

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depends on which wheel starts spining first. open diffs act funny sometimes. i remember when i parked on an incline with one wheel on wet grass and the other on the road. when i was leaving, i tried to go but the wheel on the grass just kept spinning. torque is only transferred to the wheel with least resistance. in the end i just had to let it roll backwards onto the road where both wheels had tractions. :lol: my friends kept paying me out for not knowing how to drive. :P

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