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  2. Has anyone had their solar ventilation not work (and service guys tell you it does). I've own the car for 6 years with no issues but solar ventilation died (around the same time as a bingle) I think the Toyota dealer I current use doesn't know enough about this form of ventilation. Any suggestions apart from from finding another service centre?
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  4. Hey everyone I am in need of some help my solara 3.0 1mz-fe I replaced my Timing belt and I double checked the timing and I know I have the car in time right!!!! Well I started the car and it fired right up and ran for 5 sec then die. Well I know I have a check engine light on but I dont have no way of getting it scan. But what it's doing is everytime I reset the ecu it. Will start up for a min then die because it throws a code then it loses sparks... Then it will just turn over wont get no spark. I read where if a senior goes bad that the ecu tells the Initer not to let the car get spark! But I am still lost need help if anybody would know anything that could me please and thank you....
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  6. I use this: But you can't go wrong with Toyota SLLC.
  7. Y2c, How do you customise it to put the windows up? When I queried Toyota Australia, they told me double pressing the remote would deadlock the doors. I told them it didn't and when they tried it themselves, they found I was right. They then told me that on Australian C-HR's, the "double-press" does nothing.
  8. James Fryer

    Prado problems

    Hi all, I just recently purchased a 2003 toyota prado grande, & I have some issues that I'm hoping you can assist: Problem 1- with the orange light flashing on dash (diagram below)... /--/ X x--x *How can I fix this issue so this orange light stops flashing on dash? *And the original stereo/sat nav headunit (Toyota Headunit 18002): Problem 1- the stereo will not accept "tilt" & "open" function. I have recently changed over to a new car battery. Can anyone please explain (may have deactivated these functions when I changed car battery?), or know how to get these functions to work? Problem 2- I wish to know if this headunit is compatible with a reserve camera function? (I checked back of unit, & found 3 empty slots, from left to right- a white slot, blue slot, grey slot). *Please feel free to msg me, & thank you in advance for your help. Regards, James.
  9. Hahaha yes just got their email this morning hahah. I'll have to pop in and get some 😉
  10. Id say its similar to killing off algae in a swimming pool, need to give it the initial shock treatment the maintain the cleanliness, By the way Supercheap have 20-60% off store wide tomorrow Saturday 20/7/19
  11. Y2c

    Locking a C-HR

    Fob can be customised so that two clicks will lock and also rise all windows.
  12. Hi I'm trying to find a rolling shell for a project I'm looking for an A60 preferably but I'm also considering A40's only hatchbacks! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  14. Was wondering if anyone has added extra seats to a 76series land cruiser. Is it possible? And who would I contact? Thanks 🙂
  15. if it was red in there, id replace it with red regardless of coolant flush/replacement
  16. Thanks for your responses, guys. Here is something to confuse me even more: My 2010 Kluger AWD asks for Super Long Life Coolant (SLLC). At the moment in the car I have factory filled PINK SLLC. Toyota specifies using NON: Silicate, Amine, Nitrite, Borate coolant. Penrite website recommends using COOLRED005 which is NON: Amine, Nitrite, Borate, Phosphate coolant. I queried Penrite technical support with my issue to which they recommended BLUE, which is: NON: Silicate, Amine, Nitrite, Borate, Phosphate coolant. Nulon website recommends using ONE for which it doesn't even list what "NON" it is: Nulon website ALSO recommends using GREEN for which is NON: Nitrite, Phosphate, Amine coolant. As well as low Phosphate. Nulon techincal support recommends using RLL which is NON: Silicate, Amine, Nitrite, Phosphate coolant. What a mess! I have no idea what to put in my car now! What would/do you use? Thanks Milo
  17. Hi Have a look at the Philips H 11 bulbs , these are good. I had them on my 2010 Aurion Prodige, I still have a new set with me. Regards JP
  18. I have fitted GE Megalight Ultra +130 H11 headlight bulbs and been using them for about 6 months, maybe longer. At first, they did not appear to be that much brighter but after about 2 weeks I thought that they were brighter. What I did notice was the increased light projection distance. Very noticable improvement when on high beam. If I had to replace my headlight bulbs, I would also be considering the OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 headlight bulbs which also come with a 12mth warranty. Something else that I have been reading up on is how restoring the headlight lenses results in more light on the road. It is on my to do list.
  19. I have a light bar, stedi is the brand and they sell a wiring loom that plugs straight in. I can see everything with high beam on.
  20. Appreciate this Conrod going to buy some when on special give it a go. Been reading its recommended to Shock your engine with 250 ml of it to start with on two to three tanks. Not too sure what the go is here and as to why its recommended to do so.
  21. Thanks Robert, I have to test the fusible link by the looks, then the relay, all else is good with fuses.
  22. none that i can think of: you have projectors on your ones so yours will aim correctly, where as if you dont have projectors (like my car) and the light output is scattered
  23. No issues throwing an LED in when it comes with halogen (I assume it's halogen)? I'll check them out!
  24. No need to rip out headlight unless your hand cant get in there. There is usually a plug that goes into the bulb Check out illumo LED lights. The build quality is now higher than previous LED bulbs
  25. Hi everyone, I've got a sudden urge to hunt down my old Toyota Corona coupe. It had rego SSV191, I think it was a 1972, was a British type green colour with white stripe on it. I had it in South Aust, last time I saw it was a couple years ago, still in Adelaide. EzyReg says it's unregistered atm, but figured someone who loves Toyota's may know it???
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