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  1. - Modellista Under Front Lip And (or) - MS341-12029-00 Toyota Auris 2011 TRD Front Lip Spoiler Cheers
  2. I haven't found any service manuals either, really itching to service myself as we all need money. Took me a while to scan through the internet, with no luck, but stumbled across this, for those who like to D.I.Y - Body Schematics - Electrical Schematics - Repair Manuals Although it is the U.S version zre142, I haven't seen much differences in the bulk of the car model. (check already, no viruses)
  3. Hey there guys, Just trying to source some stock parts, or the least find out, if anyone knows the factory HID lamp brand and type, in the 2011/2012 Levin ZR? Can't really find specs anywhere, if it has been posted here, just link me below, much appreciated :D Stay Safe, po po Cheers
  4. niceeeee, helped me heaps, rocking footwells now 19 bucks from jaycar strip of 30 leds 5 min job :D
  5. hey there, welcome! it'd awesome to see pics of your 86
  6. if someone could post up a running guide of side step, nudge bar and tow bar installation guides/ mounting points would be great cheers :)
  7. G'day, welcome mate, all that power and torque, good stuff!
  8. welcomee! we've all been there, hope you find things to do with the camry
  9. awesome! welcome can't wait to see your mods :D
  10. heyyyyy! welcome hope you can show us some pics, when you get some restorations done