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  1. Aurionsx6, Chatswood Toyota only replaced the bottom pipe as it was the only one listed under the official recall :/ I doubt they'd replace the top one but I haven't tried pushing them yet. Maybe try your luck with them?
  2. I got my Oil Cooler Hose replaced at Chatswood Toyota.Chatswood Toyota simply replaced the oil cooler hose without asking any questions. Argued with Ryde Toyota about the VVTI Oil Hose but to no avail.
  3. My father's company car is a Genesis and he constantly raves about how smooth, quiet and refined the vehicle is. Hyundai have really stepped up their game, both in technology and design with the new models. Other manufacturers have some serious competition now!
  4. Has anyone on this forum got their dealership to replace the VVTI Oil Line other than the guys who did it themselves? Just out of curiosity.
  5. Just visited a dealership about the VVTI Oil Line. Apparently this wasn't a recall due to a 'Different area code' and he informed me that the engine's here from america are totally different. He said to me that this part was a recall in america but not in Australia? We got the pipe oil cooler done and apparently that was the only acknowledged recall in Sydney. If the part leaks, they said that they we had to bring it back and they'd have to contact the head office. Is this valid? It makes no sense in my opinion. I tried arguing with the dealership but they displayed all the notices and the VVTI Oil Line didn't come up. Is there a reason why some dealerships on this forum acknowledge it's a recall and some don't?
  6. Hi Guys, Just wondering how all your head units are holding up to this day, as I'm considering upgrading mine. Cheers!
  7. Hey guys, On my 2007 Aurion, the head unit isn't playing any disks. I have the standard stock one also used on the ATX. When I insert a disk, it displays 'READING DISK' but does not actually begin to play it. This issue transitioned from an intermittent one to not functioning at all. The radio still completely functions. Is there a way to fix this? Or is my only way out to purchase a new head unit? Thanks in advance! :D
  8. I do the services whenever I have time. Usually 15k I would say - just a bit after 10k. The clunk happens to me almost everyday because my driveway is sloped :/ It's not just once every so often it's virtually every single time I back my car down the driveway. Everyday almost.
  9. The last service wasn't completed at a Toyota Dealership unfortunately :/ I took it to my old trusty mechanic. The other services and my next scheduled ones will be at registered Toyota dealers though. I don't believe I've changed the spark plugs before and it'll most likely be done this service along with a few other things :/ The last one costed me around $500. Will the clunk eventually cause damage to my transmission though? Thanks for informing me about the paw though :) When parked on a slope, I have to apply a lot of pressure to the gear stick in order to get it into reverse and it's an extremely loud audible clunk. However it's ok on a flat surface.
  10. Hey everyone, My 2007 Toyota Aurion is currently sitting at around 99,972kms. I've booked the 100,000km service next Saturday. I am slightly late for this service as the sticker informed me that I was due at around 98,125. I just wanted to have head's up on what parts may need replacing, and the estimated cost roughly. Last service, I got the following work done to my car: -Air Filter -Battery -Wheel alignment -Oil change The car get's treated well. I wash it once a week and regularly check fluid levels under the hood. However, we do park it on a fairly steep incline and when we change from park to reverse, there's a very loud and audible clunk. I was wondering if this would harm the transmission of the vehicle. Thanks!