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  1. I wonder what the test results are with an in-line 4 vs a research mule V4
  2. very noice. Australia is the only country that decided to call Camry V6 as "Aurion", even though in some markets they look exactly like an Aurion (but different to a Camry). Most markets will have a Camry V6, which is a Camry with a...well, V6 engine.
  3. I saw this on carsales and immediately thought if you were a forum member, Flex. And wala, here you are lol. GLWS, hope you sell it to someone who takes the same amount of care as you have. Looks the goods, though I'm sure them woofers can be quite impractical hehe. I love cubed cars, and I wish I could purchase a MY15 Build 3 Rukus (that is currently on carsales with 9,XXXkms on the clock) as my daily
  4. Sweet mother, for the age of the car, it has tiny KMs and the condition of this classic automobile looks the goods: It has been taken good care of, and I can see the wipers have been changed to the "premium" type. If I was a Jay Leno with warehouses of cars to fill, this would make the list for sure.
  5. 2008 Toyota Yaris Camouflage TRD Custom

    what a waste. sitting out in the elements to rot and die. it appears the front passenger tyre has a puncture?! But just imagine the insurance bill on that kinda thing too!
  6. the 91s I saw in Shell & BP were both normal 91s, not E10s. I cant fathom how Coles can justify 8c more for Vpower over BP Ulti, that's all. If anything, BP Ulti has a much better rep for delivery on a "quality" product
  7. Hi Guys, Just wondering, SINCE when did Shell justify a 7c to 10c premium OVER BP Ulti? Has anyone realised that lately, or have I been under my freakin cave all this time and this is very very old news to all? I used to do BP Ulti but because we shopped at Coles, I thought instead of putting those useless 4c off dockets in the bin, I'd use them (4c off saves sqaut anyway). I remember specifically 3mths ago, BP Ulti & V-Power were the same price. Since then, I have not compared pricing between BP & Shell (cuz we all have soooo much time), and because today the missus left a BP Ulti receipt on the table, by accident I saw the price -> It was 8c less than V-Power <- I pump at the cheapest day in our fortnightly cycle (here in Vic), which is every 2nd Thurs/Fri. Shell ULP = 1.42 / Shell V-Power = 1.60 / BP ULP = 1.41 / BP Ulti = 1.52 I double checked the pricing at another Shell pump, and it was the same... If it's because it's fuel developed with Ferrari, well…I really don't give a horses arrears. BP Ulti, Vpower & Caltex Vortex98 are all apples, not a mixture of pears, oranges & grapes Not a rant as such, just stunned. If this is Westfarmer's way of getting back at consumers for the "low" prices they offer at Coles, I'm gonna throw a brick into the reception of Coles HQ here in Toorak, Vic.
  8. To all you Ralph Lauren Polo Fans...

    yea putting it for slow cycle for me would mean it would be delicate piece of clothing, as my nautica ones and all of my other clothing dont pill on a normal cycle. i dont tumble dry them though. Anyway did my homework and found out that the Brits/UK market has RL Polo's derived from Pima Cotton, as supposed to the very fragile cotton we have here. Looking on ebay, found that a normal Pima Cotton RL Polo from the UK market can be had for less than the stupid retail price here in Aust - delivered with tracking and insurance, so go figure - and its no wonder why people resort to online shopping rather than shopping at pathetic retail stores with these price comparisons. Dont get me wrong, I'd pay anything for Aust. Made, but this is far from it - they are all from China.
  9. took me around 45mins to examine, read, magnify, read again on the 10 page thread bloody !@#@#$#%^ i just cant believe someone would make a complete in depth model out of soft trees and laquer it up. No words can describe the level of skill he has. it really does make us normal dudes who have "hobbies" seem utterly pathetic. sure, one might be able to replace an engine, or conduct a showroom respray...but making an replica F1 car from the inside out, bottom to top with paper - thats just unreal
  10. 2012 Camry

    well said lols them bloody model names were always so damn confusing across the different ranges of the Toyota fleet. Another example is Mazda, they just have the plate "Mazda6", or 3 or 2. Model differences will take some skill for the average female, or a non car fan, as the only way to distingish is by the body panels, size of alloys & small things like HID or Halogens in the projectors. I prefer if Toyota went down that path - discret but all discribed somewhat equally...sort of, unless you buy the MPS lols
  11. To all you Ralph Lauren Polo Fans...

    More importantly for you 2 folks, do you see your polo's pilling? As in, when looking at the stitching, do fine cotton hairs start to pull away from the shirt, or stand out from the main stitching. I've noticed this across all RL polos, even new ones in stores, whereas Pima Cotton will never pill, they just stain easily - sigh I'll just make my own stupid pony sign - lols
  12. Greetings! This came across my mind just then - dont know why, but wanted this curiousity I referred to TOCAU! lols Those who own the famous and overly consumed, overly popular RL Polos, I've got a few questions: How do you wash your polos? Machine or hand wash? How long have your polos lasted? Do you buy at retail level? (including the sales where polos have been seen for dirt cheap i.e. 60% off genuine stores) The reason for these questions are cuz I find RL Polos to be OVERLY delicate, and have 10,000% increased wear and tear when compared to other companies making polo shirts. In short, it seems you pay overly too much for something that wears out too easily = crap house. I should just stick with the cool shirts from JayJays. Example A - The Wixy Polo Ownership... Nautica: I'm more of a Nautica fan because I do sailing every now and then. I own around 13 Nautica Athletic Fit polos of varying colours. I machine wash the ba$tard$ after all the grime and sweat in a days play for the last 3-4 years. Although they have minor wear and tear, to my surprise they are still in great condition. The cotton on the polo does not show any signs of pilling (cotton fibres leaving the stitching), being Pima Cotton as written on the shirts. Ralph Lauren: I purchased 2 from the RL department store in Singapore. I purchased 3 from ebay, and upon receival, confirmed they were authentic. All 5 are combination Made in China, SriLanka or India. They are all Custom Fit. The total of 5 polos purchased were at low low prices when compared to the Aust. retail market. I have washed 1 polo TWICE in the machine (from Singapore), and it is pilling like crazy - had to resort to fabric shavers to remove pilling. I have worn another 2 on various occasions, and the stitching is starting to pill, and I reckon I will have to handwash these to prevent...crap house. I can visibly see the stitching being worn from. All RL Polos were worn on non physical activity days. End of Example lols. So is it just me or do people find RL Polo's wear out too easily? I somehow feel sorry for those who saved up their cash and paid the retail price for these only to realise they have been short changed with a non durable, highly delicate, polo. It seems Nautica is still the way to go.
  13. it all depends how much of a perfectionist you are. if you overly desire a perfect job, you could spend a whole day on 1 or 2 panels, spread out across weeks. obviously machinery will help reduce that gap, but if you are doing it all by hand - then yea...lols. i remember doing a job by hand on 1 day (because my trusty DA polisher was being repaired), and i spent close 4 hours on the bonnet. making matters worse, it was solid white paint that had been stained from years of neglect, so there were more than the average steps to do. in the perfect world, i would spend 1 week detailing a car, provided it will always be garaged during the whole 7 days - but then again after doing that you wouldn't want to drive it either!
  14. New tyres up the fuel bill?

    Thanks for the expertise & brains. I like what you said KRS-093, that using my trip meter will create inaccuracies with my calcuations, as this larger tyre goes more per km, thought I'm staring at the figures, and the change in diameter from my stock tyre to current size is only 16.77mm more, while circumference wise its 52.90mm more. So I guess we're talking peanuts. But I found links that expand on what you were talk about. What brought me to closer attention was some of the further well written brains I found on google: From: From: So now im content that I've just chosen the wrong bloody size for city styled driving, eventhough within legal limits, because to and from work I am required to go through 25 sets of lights plus traffic, so the increased weight just doesn't help. I've calculated if these tyres lasted 3 years , it will cost me around $430 more in total than running on a 55series tyre - based on an average of 2L more per fill (including tripo inaccuracies) and $1.50/L cost of petrol. So much for a great tyre deal...
  15. New tyres up the fuel bill?

    Thanks super brains = ) My stock size was 205/65/15 with the factory rims, so on my prior change I decided to change to Toyo’s with 215/55/16 because the size gave me the lease diameter difference (-0.71% to be exact). During that change, every single tyre man who rotated and balanced my wheels told me I should’ve gone for 215/60/16 instead of the 55series – and that the 60series tyre would be more common and thus save me money. But I told them I wanted to minimize the speedo impact – and everyone single one of them told me I was wrong. Now I’ve gone for the 60series only because Bridgestone Tyre Centre Box Hill (VIC) were having the Continental Premium Contact2’s on super special at $120 per corner (that btw is a good special), so I decided why not – good tyre for cheap (which btw is made in Malaysia and not the Frankfurt factories). I was prepared to allow the +2.53 diameter difference from these Continentals, but I just could not have imagined such an increase in fuel consumption for an ever efficient whitegoods car. Today I pumped 37.11 Litres from travelling 344kms of 1 week’s travel. I have also been told it may be the change from Toyota DIII ATF to the thicker Castrol Transmax Z ATF? When I changed the ATF, I did noticed that the factory Toyota ATF was a lot runny-er, and thinner – compared to the Transmax Z. When waiting for the ATF to chug down the pipe, it took ages compared to when I was using Toyota ATF. Do you guys reckon this may also be the contributing factor? I have doubts because I thought Transmax Z would have given me improved performance. Cheers