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Supercharging/Turbocharging a 2002 Camry?


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As the title states, how much effort would be involved in getting a supercharger or turbocharger put into a 2002 Camry Sportivo V6.

I've already put in extractors/catback + rerouted air intake with good effect (see dyno chart). I've been reading around and apparently it may damage the engine, which means I'd need to replace things within the engine which could get expensive.


I've done a google on it, but alot of the work has been done on older camry's

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You have the 1MZ engine - you'll be sweet with a TRD Supercharger.

You'll never find one here in Australia... check Ebay or hit up ASG14 either on here on at www.auscam.org. Adam's a good friend of ours (referring to Auscam) and he lives in the US. I think there's like 3 or so for sale in the states right now... can be sent over here and installed easily enough... they're almost "bolt on".

There's a couple of mods that need to be done on the Aus Spec Camrys... I think it involved relocating the brake master cylinder or something like that. The best person to get this info with be "A" aka Anthony or "SupaTouring" aka Dave. Dave's installed these a couple of times, both of these lads have one... Dave's upgraded to a TRD Aurion though :P lol...

Turboing would be kewl... never seen a turboed 1MZ in Australia yet. Search for "Tony the Tiger" on Youtube... you'll see a fully custom built 1MZ with a T50R turbo installed... *drools*.

Let us know if you need anything else mate.

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I've had the charger on mine for nearly a year and havent had an issue with the engine either. The auto gearbox wasnt happy about it and was getting sick though. But from the looks of your dyno, you've got a manual. :) We did change to the colder iridium spark plugs when we put the charger on though.

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Thanks for the replies. Good to hear that it is doable.

One question though, which TRD supercharger? I've done an ebay search and a few have popped up: http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksi...-All-Categories

Which one of those (if any) are suitable for my vehicle?

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You'll find that most people will make it into a "kit", all the parts needed to do the job.

At the end of the day, you're gonna need some advice from SupaTouring and A... as I said before, the installation here on the Aussie Camrys are a tad different.

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Another question...

Would an aftermarket super from say... Eaton/Powerdyne/Vortech be worth looking at or are they simply not compatible?

Some of the models say "suited for 2-4L passenger cars" or "4 + 6 Cylinder or small displacement V8 engines" but I have NFI of what else would be involved with installing one.

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Anything can be made to fit. It all depends on how deep your pockets are!

If you choose to go a custom supercharger fitment you need to find someone who can make sure you get the right sized supercharger.

The Eaton roots type which is what the TRD kit from the US uses can be had in different sizes for air volume capacity, nose drive length for getting the right mounting position and then drive pulley size for the desired supercharger speed. Then a manifold is needed and also a belt drive system.

If you are serious the cheapest and easiest way is to track down a TRD kit from the US, because that is exactly what it is. Once you have a master cylinder modified for a remote reservoir the kit can be fitted in a day!

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where would you be able to get a remote master cylinder setup done though? on the other hand, i think the price of it would be the hardest thing to come by...

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with a bit of know how, u can do it yourself....Dave (Supatouring) did

TWICE! lol

Mine was done in a day from standard to s/c'ed. This includes doing the master cylinder and remote reserviour. But we had all the bits ready (kinda :P)

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where would you be able to get a remote master cylinder setup done though? on the other hand, i think the price of it would be the hardest thing to come by...

To do it you need three things.

1) Another Camry master cylinder to modify. Under $100 from a wrecker.

2) A master cylinder from a late '90s Hiace (need this for parts). Also under $100 from a wrecker.

3) A reservoir from an early '80s Dyna truck (easiest to mount as it is round). Getting harder to find but was only $20.

The Hiace master cylinder has fittings for a remote reservoir, so it is a case of having the Camry master cylinder machined to take these fittings. The only company in Brisbane that I know can or are willing or able to do this is BHSS-TBS in Capalaba. They have done two for me so far. Cost $200.

Also need to get the rubber brake fluid pipes that come from the Hiace and Dyna so that they can be used later when mounting and plumbing the reservoir.

All up around $400 and the US TRD supercharger kit will now fit the AUS Camry.

Almost forgot that the metal brake line on the end on the master cylinder needs to be bent towards the strut tower just above the fitting. This will give the s/c drive belt a little more clearance. I only had an issue here when my rear engine mount collapsed.

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