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break noise

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As the title suggests, i have a sort of break squeel/noise. Its hard for me to describe but ill give it a shot;

when i lightly touch the brakes, it makes a sort of squeel that is on and off (on and off possibly becasue of the wheel turning and maybe there is a point somewhere on the wheel that makes this noise. for example for one rotation of the wheel, i will hear the noise 2 times). That being said, if i press on the brakes a bit more harder, this on and off squeeling noise is not evident. This is only coming from the left front wheel on my 07 camry

I recently got new brake pads in and the rotors machined. Its been about 3 weeks since then and i figured the pads were still wearing in, but that squeeling noise is still there. Ive searched up the forum already and havnt found an answer to this question of mine. When my mechanic (who also is a life long friend of mine) did the machining, he said it took way long than usual which is weird for a rotor that is undergoing its first machining

Any suggestions about why this is occuring would be great so i can go to my mate with the issue.

thanks in advance, prv8no

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what brand pads are you using? and when he says took long to machine what does that mean, took long because it was grooved and required more than one machine??

if the blades on the disc machine are cr@p it wont be a smooth cut and will cause brake noise, also if there is chatter marks on the rotor it will cause brake noise.. if there are shims on your car ( unsure ) maybe they are not fitted correctly and will cause noise...

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To be honest im not sure what brand of pads im running, cant remember as my mechanic picked them out for me (i trust his oppinion, his never screwed me over) but im pretty sure its not the pads. its not like a consistant squeel, like i said its on and off.

when we machined them, it took ages as only 1/5 of the rotor would get machined (like a slice out of a pizza) so we had to keep doing it until it was all done. process took nearly 2 hours for only 2 rotors.

as for the shims, im not really sure if i have them on. can anyone clarify?

anyway, thanks for your reply prozak!

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Wow 2 hours they must of be warped badly! Sure their not undersize lol..

Maybe take it bak to him and just ask can he check them out it's squeeling??

Maybe excess brake dust is the cause? Last thing I can think of, sorry

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Pretty sure theyre not and yeah im going to take it back this Saturday. ill let you know how it goes just in case anyone else has the same problems

I thought break dust was the cause too (as there was a previous noise similar to the noise that brake dust would make), but when i gave the car a wash under the high pressure rinse that squeeling was still their but the previous "brake dust" noise was not

thanks for your replies prozak, much appreciated

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fixed the problem today fellas, turns out the machine used to machine the rotors was faulty and wasnt cutting as perfect as it should be. so went to a brake specialist to do the job again and this time they got it right. job done free of charge.

no more sound evident nor slight shaking of the steering wheel.

thanks all who tried to help, much apprecaited


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