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Just a 'rolla upgrades?

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Hi all,

I see a lot of stivo owners here but where are all the brother's that could only afford the normal 'rolla?

I've got a '02 Ascent and I love it but can I get tips on making it more punchy and improve accleration?

I've got a budget of of A$500ish and was considering the CAI , anything else that i can do?

p.s. ok call me ignorant but can someone tell me what the difference in the stivo and my 'rolla 's engine? i mean where the hell did they squeeze another 41 KW out?

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Hi there, I couldn't afford the Stivo either so I've got an 05 Ascent Sport. As far as mods, yeah you can go the CAI, and cat-back exhaust, new springs, wheels etc etc.

If you want some inexpensive minor mods to start with, read up on some of Danz posts regarding grounding wires and a throttle body coolant bypass, which I have not yet tried but it has definately got my interests piqued.

Regarding your question about the difference in engines, the Stivo has a completely different engine to the standard rolla. It's a VVTL-i engine, the 2ZZ-GE as opposed the standard VVT-i 1ZZ-FE Corolla engine.

I'll let the Stivo owners explain the Lift capabilities of their engine, but know that it is the same engine as found in the Celica, so you know it's a different beast all together.

I'm interested to see what else comes out in this thread as I'm looking for mods to start on my car.

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Cold air intake est $300 - $400 (depending on which flavour and exhchange rates)


Throttle body coolant bypass


they're some pretty good places to start.

No matter how many of the 'minor' mods that you do you'll still have to battle with the 6200rpm fun limiter (I know I struggle with it too) unless you do some serious engine work.....and add an aftermarket computer.

Or you could just slap a big ol turb's on it.....but there's a bit more to it than that :P

As an ascent driver - I never really understood why the sportivo guys / girls rave about them - till I got a ride in one and felt lift....(Lift = old school boost but without a turbo {or at least that's how it feels anyway})

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The usual tips for extracting more NA power apply:

-less restrictive intake

-better flowing exhaust (although this may often sacrifice low end torque for high end power)

-advanced timing (with reprogrammed ECU or piggy back computer)

$500 isn't going to get you too far though...

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Find a sportivo owner who has done a cat back system and off to buy their factory system. Works well on a 1zz and price wise relatively cheap. Talk to Pippy as this is what he's done.

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CAI is pretty interesting. Expensive though.

I reckon it would sort of be the same if you can just get a K&N filter and use it with the stock air box, cost approx $100 for K&N filter i think. Then modify the air intake so it goes down into the hole instead of curving around back near behind the headlight.

The bending of the intake slows down air flow.

Id rather get the exhaust modification done first. Don't got for a fat cannon though please!

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