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Roddicks 1988 5SGTE ST162


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hey guys my name is sean roddick im from Tasmania, im the proud owner of an st162 that has gone under some huge changes since i bought it 5 years ago, i have built this car without any knowledge of S motors and now i know alot more than i did then, i started to built the 5SGTE about 4 1/2 years ago, it started with my 3sge doing many bearings, and the cheapest block i could find was a 5s block from a camry and it went from there, just playing around with what i could do, those years ago when i started this build there was nothing on the internet to give any hint that this motor had even been built befor, i had no idea if it was going to work or fail big time, but for the price i just went ahead with it, after trial and error, i got the camry block mated with the 3sge head on my standard ecu running and running well. only problem was it wouldn't rev over 6,000, after more research into the motor i found the camry 5s had ballancer shafts to make the engine smoother, but after giving the motor hell i did a big end. i sorced a 5s from a 204 celica witch comes without ballancer shafts, and began my build all over again, but this time with the intention of strapping a turbo to the motor. after about 12 months with the motor running i sorced out a ct26 and manifold that cost me the swap of one of my 4 st162 3sge intake manifolds. me being me i began my new stage of upgrades without not knowing much about the engine i had just built, to this day i still doint know its chamber cc and compression ratio. i strapped a turbo to the car plumbed it all up and funnaly enough it ran of my stock ecu, it didnt like it much but did it give me a buzz. to this day as it sits its running a stock st165 becu running on 7 psi of boost and from what i understand it has rather high compression. all in all for something i built from scratch i have done well. here is just a quick listing of what ive got

Engine & drivetrain

1996 st204 5sfe bottom end (without ballencer shafts)

ST185 oil pump with 185 oil gear

ST162 Waterpump

ST162 timing gear (crank pully, Timing belt)

OEM Camry Metal Head gasket strait from toyota

|ST162 3SGE head and intake

ST185 3SGTE standard turbo manifold

ST185 CT26 twin entry

Custom stainless dump pipe

Oil filter relocation Kit

Mitsubishi EVO 8 Stock intercooler

ST165 Stock 440 CC injectors

ST165 Stock ECU

Nissan 300zx Map Sensor

Ebay Special Rising rate fuel reg

custom intercooler piping

custom 3" exhaust to cat - 2 1/2 cat back

SV21 camry 5 speed box

celica driveshafts

all new stearing arms, tie rod ends and lower ball joints

stock stabalizer bars


gutter interior

De sound dedend

3" 6 point monza Harness

Kill switch and missile switches for race use

Still to come

full roll cage

Racing seat


new driver shafts

new stoppers

Yokahama advan A048R controlled Improved production race tyres

Thats it for now, i will pinch my write up from another forum when i get to a computer and not my iphone

Cheers Sean

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Welcome mate, I have based quite a bit of my build on your engine. Good to see you finally signed up.

Wow I'm actualy flattered so to speak that someone is actually using my build to help build their motor.

I've actually been a member for a while I think but just never posted anything

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Welcome mate, I have based quite a bit of my build on your engine. Good to see you finally signed up.

Wow I'm actualy flattered so to speak that someone is actually using my build to help build their motor.

I've actually been a member for a while I think but just never posted anything

I've actually asked you a few questions on Youtube. You've been really helpful.

Click under my sig if you want to have a look. Page 3 is where it gets fun. :P

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oooohhhhhh so its you that is asking me the questions, i thought i recognised that name somewhere, actually befor i started my thread i was actually reading yours cause it was first on the list and i had a bit of a looksy at it, i was rather impressed with the supercharger, ive actually really been thinking about adding a sc12 or 14 supercharger in place of my air con as well as having the turbo but i kinda thought it might be abit over board and plus im going to get the car to the track so i kinda want it to have traction,

well ill put up all my progress

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Once apon a time i bought a 162 celica for $850 and knowing the history of this car i knew what was ahead, after getting it towed home and a couple of days latter when i had the time i hooked strait into getting the monstrosity apart (First fwd motor i've ever worked one) getting it out was the hard part :mad: plenty of punching things (not the car), anyway got the motor out and i stripped it back to just a block, took the sump off and to come accross no.1 bearing located everywhere in the sump, and not where it should be, after undo ing the rod i pulled it out then pulled the rings of to find that pistons come in 2 peices, well in this motor anyway


also on further inspection i also came accross a nice crack running down the bore of the cylinder,

after finding and building a new motor running it in, everything working great after about 1,200 km's i have traveled it decides to spin not only a bearing but throw out the thrust bearings as well, i replaced everything hoping it didn't cause much damage, but it threw another bearing 44km's later.

thus resulting in i long period of time off the road! having trouble finding a replacement motor was indeed stressing me out. so i read up on a few sites about doign a 2.2l conversion, sussing it all out i decided to try it out

finding a 93 toyota camry that had been in an accident, getting the motor out of that and just using the bottom end and selling the other stuff, Success!!!! i found one and started my work


fecked motor on stand and 5sfe on the ground


5sfe on the stand


the choice between injectors 3sge on top and 5sfe on bottow ( i went with the 3sge ones


head on belt on, all looking good


brilliant!!!!!!! it all together :laff:

in the proccess you need to change everything over from the 3sge to the 5s block even crank pully for timing belt, harmonic ballencer, all brakets overthing i say!! :twisted: also used the 3sge flywheel and clutch cause 5sfe is an 8 bolt crank not 6 like the 3sfe


putting the motor in was a breeze nothing too it just like normal but then comes the tricky part, since it is a 5sfe it also has ballencer shafts in the crank case you can chose to remove them and put a 3sge sump on but they are there for a reason so good to leave them there, the one thing with the sump being lower you must extend the exhaust


once that is done your all set to rip skids everywhere, nah not really but you will be loving the result that such an engine can produce a great nice amount of torqe at bottom end and nice top end pull,



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finaly got the harmonic ballencer off thanks too a good mate of mine, so i got a little bit done got the timing cover off and changed the crank belt belly from 5s to 3s, and the new addition was my brand new waterpump so no i have to problem with the thermostat housing anymore


some goodies arrived for me also, very nice looking genuine parts

5s metal headgasket


and my 3age washers for head bolts and my headbolts are here also


got the head together with the new gasket and head bolts so looking good just waing to get anough cash to get the gasket kit

found myself a gearbox for $250 in tassie thanks to my girlfriends old man who knows people,

and thanks to a member of ozcelica i have a lower timing cover on it's way hopefully and i just need a gasket set and it can all go together finally and it's shall be on the road and then all be able to start buying up on turbo items, and i shall have myself a 5sgte

oh and i almost missed out cuts for fixing my standard mani that needed fixing, witch i still have to pick up off him

k well here is a promising shot that most people are wanting too see




id like to thank a good friend for helping me get this far there is many things that he has done for me and i haven't even asked him to do it, if it wasn't for him i would be nowere near where i am today, hes a do it all kida guy!!!

something i just

t notice when i put this turbo on for ****s and giggles cause it would look the goods, well looking at the dump bolts it lookdds like it might hit the dump when it's on there and witch means i can't have the standard oil cooler at all cause it put the oil filter out an extra inch so just for the future im worried unless i get and oil cooler and relocater kit at the same time


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after some time the pvc was not an issue, i got the car running off the standard ecu, ended up finding a ST165 Alltrack AWD turbo model ecu (same shape as my car but imports only) only cost me 30 bucks delivered to my door, had the same plugs as my ecu but different pinout locations, i did alot of research over the time of about 3 weeks and found i could just back out pins a relocate them in there propper spot. in that time the car was sitting and running off the gt4 ecu, not driving just running, it threw some codes in my face couple of those codes were, no knock sensor signal, no boost pressure signal, and no intercooler ecu signal. the ecu signal is because the stock gt4 has a Water to Air intercooler with its own pump and what not, faulsing that signal to the ecu was easy, i just needed to earth the signal pin and presto it was gone. i found a standard gt4 knock sensor, and then it came to boost pressure switch, i ended up with a nissan 300zx VG30ET 2 bar map senser, witch had the same voltage mesurments as the gt4 sensor,

i also come across some 550cc injectors witch are now in the car, and the car is running great, pitty about the fuel ratio, way too high for a standard ecu to run, so ive found myself some standard gt4 440cc injectors to bring it back down again, and to this moment the car sits dormant till i get the injectors

and to keep the engine bay cool i have a gt4 group A vent



its only just sitting in there atm but you get the idea of were its all going

just a few of the new guages i have


just once side but i have both side completely out, new bottom lower ball joints, stearing tie rod ends and stearing arms ar to be replaced


the new stearing


just another pic of how it is now


the new 3 inch system


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you guys wont know this but i have a father inlaw that races i've been to many race track around australia with him racing in historics in group Nc with an LJ XU-1 torana with a heavly modified 202 with tripple webbers, but the bigger car is the capri, its actually one of the most history changing sports sedan in australia being the first semi space-framed sports sedan in australia. and as you can tell its not your average ford capri, it has 11.5x16 hoosier slicks on the front and 13.5x16 AVON slicks on the rear. its the first time in 7 years the capri has been on the track, he had an accident in it in 2004 were it dropped a ball joint and totaled the car, now my father in law is a huge holden man, and this you may wonder would be a bit odd, BUT. this capri is different, running a holden 308 with VN commodore heads and full v8 running gear. and these cars and my father in law himself are the reason i am going to be using my celica as a race car, but am also going to keep it street legal.

this is the car sitting with its original photos from a clipping in a magazine




the engine is mounted so far back the carbi is just below the front window, and the rear two spark plugs have to be changed from inside the car




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Thanks guy. It's great to hear that from other people cause people close to me exception of my good friend who already started racing and loves my car and has helped me heaps. Only see it as a bucket. Witch gets me frustrated but they are people that just dont appreciate the car like i do. Mind you with this car I feel I'm going to prove to alot of people how quick and how much power a bucket can have. Mind you having a father inlaw as a mechanic and and a machinest my new motor will be a freak. With aggressive cams some seriously serious internals. Seriouse cooling gear it will be the business. But will probably take me some time to build and some money as well

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Cheers dude will keep that In mind. Although in the mean time, I haven't seen my father in law for a few weeks. And when I went to see him last night because we are in Melbourne Wednesday till Tuesday for racing at Phillip island this weekend. He's already found top quality pistons witch are still standard size. But to allow for offset cams we will be crowning the valve recesses out and he's found some hardcore rods for me. He's going to be knife edging my crank. Port matching and Fully balancing the motor, dual valve spring. He gave me some numbers of the new cams with their grind but I have forgotten them. Solid buckets, adjustable timing gear some stainless valves pretty much the works at this stage. I'm also going to be going for an electric water pump and new alloy radiator.

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Not fussed with prices. It's just the getting of the money that takes its time. I'm happy to pay whatever price as I know full well the higher the price the better quality the item. Anyway I'm more keen on getting the car to handle on the track befor I start the new motor. But first I have to get it too the track

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