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Hey guys,

For those of you with an Apexi Power FC are you running it as a stand alone ECU or as a piggy back?

After talking to someone the other day i was told you can run them as a standalone and everything works fine but from my knowledge most people run them as a piggyback.

Just curious as to what everyone has done/ the reasons behind piggybacking if it can work as a standalone?


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Most go standalone (depending on model)

Some people piggy back them but theres more room for tweaking as a standalone unit as the stock ecu has some parameters that cant be changed

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The PowerFC doesn't talk to all the systems in the Corolla correctly plugged straight in, as the Celica has a different method of communication with the various systems. Whether it is piggy backed or plugged straight in doesn't effect it's ability. Don't confuse a piggy back ECU with a piggy backed ECU. It will work plugged straight in, but you won't have a couple of things, the tempoerature gauge in the cluster won't work, if you re-wire it to work, then the PFC won't have a temperature signal, so take your pick as to which one gets it. You can add another temperature sensor like a conversion harness does and get both though. The radiator fan won't work without some re-wiring. The idle electrical load won't work either without the conversion harness. This can be solved by having a 1000-1200rpm idle, but you might tire of this quickly.

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Conversion harness it is. Is boomslang the only place to get them from these days unless someone is selling it second hand?

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