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[QLD-BNE] JZX-100 Chaser : Weekend fun - *RIP*


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Yeah, that sounds like you :P

Was just a thought since you said it was coming out of a JZX90 which is a different shifter to the JZX100

*actually meant shifter housing

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hmm tbh I haven't seen anyone mention an issue between them?

what are the differences you speak of ?

I do know the top section of trans tunnel will need to be cutout, got the cutout from a manual 100 coming though.

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Early R154s have a non-remote shifter housing where the stick comes up direct out of the box. Depending on model some had a gooseneck shifter and/or different length top housings to bring the knob position further back (early JZZ30 for instance).

Later ones had a remote shifter housing with extra linkages and a big y-brace (which you can see in your picture above) like the remote W58 and V160

I _think there are 4 different ones in total

Early non-remote w/ gooseneck - MA70/JZA70

Early non-remote w/ gooseneck and longer housing - early JZZ30

Mid-life remote w/ straight stick - JZX90, JZX100, late JZZ30

Late remote w/ straight stick (a bit further back again) - JZX110

If that is the case then the JZX90 one should be the same/close-enough to the JZX100 one so you'll be OK, but there are enough different types running around (and people often modify ones to make them fit in different models) that you need to be careful otherwise the trans tunnel could require mods or you could be punching the centre console with every second shift.




Early JZZ30



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Good-o, just wasn't too sure what the JZX90s came out with (I would have thought they would have been the same as the Soarers and had the two different types depending on model year)

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Hiro, what you reckon? - I'm leaning option 1 hmm

400kw rated, heavy duty button kevlar (smoother engagement)


450kw rated, Heavy duty push type single Kevlar button & converter


750kw ratd (fkn lol), Kevlar twin plate & converter


I think he included the last option as I mentioned it'll be getting a 2j next year smile.png - although I think I'll just go for option 1 unless you guys recommend going for push type?

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well this happened then

me: man will that HKS LA clutch be fine with the used box? or go for rebuild on the box?

mate: rebuild will cost as much as a box, so better off with a new box to begin with..

me: hmm valid point.

Goes to whatsapp group:

fellas, thinking of a new box, given the costs for rebuild and not being 100% with the quality of rebuild (since mate has had 2 rebuilds done..)

fellas: hey Nick has a clearance going on at the moment for R154s..

me: shiet really!?..

Goes to send Nick an email:

me: mate what's this deal with R154 clearance??

Nick: why yes indeed, JZX100 R154 box $2500nz, JZX110 R154 box $2400

me: hmm any differences

Nick: http://minkara.carview.co.jp/en/userid/133203/car/29356/32313/note.aspx << here are differences

me: ok mate let's go for 100 box


The kit I ordered - well sold that box today too - YEOOOOOOWWWWWWWW

Next stop HKS LA twin plate <3

ps.. THANKS JP <3 (nohomo)

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the old donk is holding up well smile.png




223rkw = 14psi, other two on 19psi.

Almost makes me wonder if going manual and full standalone will make it more than enough to not need to go 2j ? hmm


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yes sirrr - had a little crowd turn up. Good guys - we need to get the others out too lol.. the 90's and 110's if any.

Keen to see how manual + v88 go :)

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Shampooed the seats:





and with flash - not 100% but 90% will do for now


**** I extracted:




weight of standard one - Bride weighs 9kg




now for some better res:





Waiting on cross rails for passenger side then fit that in smile.png


- Much tighter fit now

- No more being thrown around in the seat

- The red actually goes alright with the rest of the interior

- JDM points ?

- Sits lower than the standard ones (gotta get used to it)


- the little clip over the bolts don't fit now

- airbag light is on lol

- the cable from the belt buckle is just hanging there (well I ziptied it up)

- Daresay it's comfy over a long journey ride

Took me about an hour with the tidying up and swapping the belt buckle over to the bucket seat, I'm happy with them smile.png

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back in Dec 11' I picked up a set of these:

18x9 +37 f, 18x10 +37 r


For all the reasons I had at the time, none make more sense than the fact that I was just a soft kent and didn't realize how much I loved those wheels...

Kept an eye out all this time, never quite found the set I liked. Enkeis are nice don't get me wrong - but something about step lip had me captivated.

So I couldn't resist these >.<

18x8.5 +23, 18x9.5 +23


Ain't nobody got time for replicas babeh <3


Manual project delayed for a little while, collecting parts for an overhaul smile.png

Did you know a brand new OEM crankshaft via UAE Amayama is $614!? and pistons are $32 each lol... not that I'll be ordering them, will wait to open up mine first then assess.

That dream of mint engine bay and engine ++

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shiet sakes - been a while since update lol.

So passenger side rail turned out to be from a JZX90 ... returned/refunded and got Jesse to send me a new one (still pending delivery).

Picked up a lil AE92 as a daily since I don't need a fancy daily + I quite enjoy the nugget rolla lol








Ain't nobody got time for replicas <3

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