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[QLD-BNE] JZX-100 Chaser : Weekend fun - *RIP*


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  • 2 weeks later...

WELL then .. been away and so a couple of things happened while away and now that I'm back.

while in Singapore:


Footage for those who are interested..


ACA, Hoon hotline, all those kents who drive slow in the right lane EricKamande.128.873103.jpg ....

All the bits and pieces - god damn I miss driving my JZX..







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Today's work, thanks to my good mate Jared and ofcourse Krish for moral support and providing me the washers for the cam covers


Spark plugs, I'm told these are looking fine:




Waiting on cam covers then to start it up..

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Nice finish, I've got a spare set of 1JZ cam covers that we haven't decided fully on the colour combo for yet, highlight colour for the engine bay is going to be HKS purple so I wonder if you can get a purple hammertone/wrinkle...

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Last round of parts to go in - this Wednesday..


Got bored and thought I'd give this a try..


This is my 1st attempt and the blade should've been sharper



Did the passenger side too, to match up:







Even for just posing, I love looking at that 320 lol..
(ok well still gotta do that lil trim near the key tongue.png )

I really want a cover for that shifter too, the plastic is worn around the P D R labels, a new one is around $150+ and while I love OEM parts, I just can't justify that for it. As for the ashtray, yes it's not wrapped, that's because I have another ash tray on my bench which has a white led built in it. When I replace the trim around the shifter (which requires taking seats out..) then I'll put in the new ashtray, the dash trim and hopefully have my shifter cover then too.

C'mon Wednesday...

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Looking good. The wrinkle finish on the rocker covers turned out really good. That was the kind of finish I was going for, but mine turned out glossy.

Have you found anyone to paint the Plastic cam gear cover?

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  • 2 weeks later...









On my laggy setup I was 14.7 lol... I had a heap of fun - ran 9 times, did a couple of burn outs which will be on the professional photographers pics by end of the week.

I'm sure I can get it in 12.xx - just I really suck at stalling it up lol ... but no issues with the car, cruised down there - had my fun and cruised back - no hassles by cops either.

I'm not sold on stall converter lol. I can use this car as a daily still and I fear a stally will compromise that.

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  • 1 month later...

Sold these wheels


Kept my tires ofcourse - new set isn't a secret or anything.


Enkei RS05RR 18x9+25 F, 18x10+30 R.

Car will be featured in the next HPI magazine, some funny stories in there if you happen to read.

A shift in priorities this year though so JZX will be kept clean and occasionally driven. I had calculated my mileage and in 3.5years I've only done 29k kms lol!

I'll be keeping an eye out for manual conversion kits smile.png

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  • 2 weeks later...

Today I got the time to pick up wheels and get them on smile.png

18x9 +25 fronts with 225/40 Falken Ze912s
18x10 +30 rears with 245/40 Falken Ze912s
Hub centric rings

I should've done more research before buying but even if I had, wouldn't have made a difference now as I realize the sizes which have the best concave look are a bit aggressive lol - you can read more here http://t3hclap.com/archives/1059

So my fronts are what they call front design (minimal concave)
Rears are middle design. I think they have just enough concave to them that I don't feel butt hurt lol.





Just love a clean wheel:

First time ever I've bought these lol

Detail job still holding up




Arigato gozaimasu Suzuki San (氏の鈴木ありがとうございます) incase someone from the motherland browses around here smile.png



Ofcourse my battery is dead.. gettin real tired of the blue battery so as per advice from SB - getting a black Supercharge, branded one - preferably
maintenance free.
They might not suit everyone's style and that's cool. Not the most flashiest I get it but I reckon cops shouldn't look @ them twice either.

These weighed pretty much the same as the R34 Gtrs too hmm.

So the total now:

1. TRD 17s which came with the car
2. BBS LMs (from Troy)
3. R33 GTRs (from Troy)
4. Work Emotion 11rs (from guy off NS)
5. R34 GTRs (from Troy)
6. Enkei Rs05rr (first ever bought brand new)

Wonder how long before I get over these smile.png

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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought about selling *and god knows I tried*, hmmm didn't work out LeL

I thought about doing a bodykit, hmmm nah

I thought about flaring the rears for bigger tires, hmmm nah

I thought about focussing on other stuff, hmmm major no possibru lol..

So this is happening then...


**not my exact kit, but pretty much what I'll be receiving**

out of a JZX90 - 119km used. Trim will be out of a 100. Manual ecu included, trans tunnel top section provided too.

So next few months slow agenda...

- Get the manual in, reco parts once I get them or see what I'll replace new with Amayama powers.

- Sell the Emanage Ultimate in favour of a Vipec V88 (Godzilla Motorsport will tune it)

- Sell the HKS Dli as I go for coil on plug setup

- Possibly sell the Amuse ETCS as I have the throttle body modded

- Possibly sell the current EBC, I think the V88 has an addon for boost control that would work better

- Get it running again and hopefully better tuned with the Vipec

- Remove the AFM

Thanks to Michael Ginn @


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