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[QLD-BNE] JZX-100 Chaser : Weekend fun - *RIP*


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Rain can you please **** off? .. hope it's not pouring in the morning - Friday & Saturday only 2 days I drive it to work!



You have no idea, how blissful it feels to drive now.. absolutely 0 noises from the front end..
My coil overs will reach NZ next week smile.png. Coils + new tires (sitting waiting at a mates shop) and that'll be the suspension done..

oh and finally I can has too! on it's way in the post

My aim was to have $0 spending on car in the new financial year.. seems I missed that target sad.png ah well #1stworldproblemo!

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Just when it seemed like car was complete, logic: take it apart all over again biggrin.png (waiting for Auto Fortune coil overs)


1stworldproblems the dash needles are so brittle.. I broke the plastic trim on the speedo I bought in attempting
to remove the needle.. the trim piece broke but the needle is fine.. so that speedo can be for experimenting.

My speedo has red needles which I believe is from paint - can't tell what paint exactly ?


to keep uniformity... I swapped the speedo + rpm meter into mine as I much prefer the S1 white over S2 red/orangish.. I'll have to get the two needles to match up in red I'll be happy.


Here you can see I swapped them


Thank you Jesse Streeter smile.png


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no leds, has a ccfl tube :)

prefer the white as it matches up with my climate control and recently led converted buttons.


I've always been a bit hesitant about the cabins of JZX100s, but seeing one at night all cleaned up like this, makes me want one :) Love your work

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Just had a closer look at the piccys, So its full clear plex back plate and then a single light CCFL bar source that lights the plate then lights the overlay .. so theres also an inverter in there somewhere as well to power the ccfl?

First time ive seen this type of setup.

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This punk a55 was also picking up a set of Fortune coil overs..


Ofcourse I couldn't use the same bolts so got intouch with Amayama and new bolts + some other smaller bits on their way.
Wheel wells will get a nice tidy up and some fresh paint, as will all the calipers and hubs.. should sort the detail bits this weekend.

I really need to get my vvti solenoid replaced too, I've got a new one sitting here as the old one is leaking - I'm aware I could've got just the seal for that but I picked up the whole thing brand new for pretty cheap so meh. While inspecting the underbody noticed there's some really stubborn oil marks and I can't particularly reach in the areas so bought this steam cleaner.

So hopefully by end of next week it should be back on the ground and ready for new tires + alignment.

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I love your car man :)

Thank you man - I quite like the progress you got going on yours too ;)

good start to my Sunday - the only day I had off last fortnight >.< ...


gotta wash and clean them wheels:


got lazy so took the Jdm Maxi taxi out for a wash:


came back and tried out the camera on my recently upgraded S4:


ok the paint has set now:


err forgot to bring back caliper paint + other supplies for the remaining wheel wells LoL ...

I'm looking to move the Work 11rs on... 18x9.5+30 with 235/40 all round.. $1500 ! you buy NAO!?

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  • 3 weeks later...

LoL Tats :ninja: #JZXsuperfriends

Been a while, was busy with work - then my daily needed an upgrade so got around giving the JZX some loving..

rear wheel wells + calipers = sprayed now...

Also fitted this:



yeah I still gotta remove the plastic from it lol..

Was getting over the Work 11rs and after a fair share of OG lowballers and drainers - my good mate Troy (ICI QLD) came through once he saw my ad.



with 245/40 tires on:


On my previous Chaser I had a TRD strut brace and kinda missed it.. came across a good deal and..


what remains?

Not a whole lot to be honest.

- Valve stem seals (still trying to find a place/person who I can trust to do with the head ON)

- some smaller bits in the engine bay

- Will need to put 225/40 tires for the front

- Possibly powdercoat/paint the wheels to a charcoal grey

Then game over ^_^

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I see Terra dropped by for a visit...

yup - he visited years back when he become the owner of my ex-Ae101 Levin (4agze) ...

Burgundy one? That's the car I got my front seats from :P

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Had an Aurion given while my Civic is getting a detail @ the dealership I got it.





If you're in Brisbane, this ^^ place is the ONLY place you should take your car for alignment and setting up. He's a top no bull**** bloke. How does he ensure his work is always quality? simple - he works by himself, just doesn't trust others to do as good a job he does.. also be polite, he's got enough work as is.. no need to rush him. Thanks to Mr JP for advising about this place.

I'll be putting on 225/40 tires within a week.

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My good mate who owns Keith 4 Wheels was kind enough to go pick up the car from alignment. Brought it over to his and fitted me a set of 225/40s




So today's mission successful! Next will be respraying the wheels, inside/out costs $400~450 inc removing gutter rash/imperfections.

I can't recommend the Fortune 500s enough ... the Aurion Sportivo felt bumpier than the Chaser lol..

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