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dead spot on acceleration

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As some of the Brisbane fellas might know, my car is having a few issues. My car is completely stock and the air-fuel ratios are <bad word here>. As an example, at about 5500rpm the AFR is under 10 :huh: and at no point is it any where near the 13.? is should be.

So what I am leading to is, If anyone has dyno graphs of stock or close to stock engines with air-fuel ratios on the same printout could they please post them here or PM them to me. I want to show the toyota mechanics that something is very wrong.

Im also thinking that they didn't do the actual ECU change/repair that was ment to be carried out. It went in for it, but yeah, no sticker :blink: . So I guess any graphs before the ECU recall would be of use too.

I ended up having 4 runs done because the techs didn't know what was going on;

run 1=101kW

run 2=101kW

run 3=96kW

run 4=102kW

Thanks for any help that maybe provided.

Edit: My dyno

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Hi Superdave,

Here is a stock standard stivo run which i did post recall. A very consistent AFR which even though is a little on the rich side running at 12 it is still ok.


Here is a stock standard stivo run which i did pre recall. U will notice the AFR is very inconsistent and is hovering as low as 11 and is just very jittery.


Let us know how u go with toyota.



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Cheers Bill and omn1potent

I think its one or more of three things. The incompetance of the dealership (that the car went to) mechanics not fixing the ECU, something to do with injectors or the fuel pump control circuit. My AFR is similar to that of a pre recall, only worse :huh: Did anyone else have a surging or hesitation effect pre recall? Because thats what I am getting after I drive between 100km to 300km into a full tank. I don't get the surging outside of those distances, but I'm not sure still, its fairly random. Another problem it causes is when going WOT, the car does not accelerate, it just *****-farts around.

It was a fun drive home from the coast saturday. Had to keep the revs below 3000 and couldn't go more then 1/8 throttle. Took forever to get any speed on the M1 and not to mention being outdragged by grandpa from the lights :lol:

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:lol: Dave might have something to do with the way your old man used to drive it thrashed to death.

I reakon, he is the biggest hoon I know. He should swap cars with me so I can have the working one :P

just swap the keys and put his bike in the back of yours . He won't know the difference

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here is mine (build plate - july 05), the power curve is the same.

air/fuel mix is a fair bit more level than yours tho

pm me if you would like a bigger image

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unfortunately the Gallery is not working right now. I have my stock (post ECU) Dyno with AFR in there :(

but yours looks to be extremely lean, running below 10 :blink:

Definately worth taking that in to Toyota to show them, it's just not right.

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but yours looks to be extremely lean, running below 10 :blink:

Dylan at 10 it is running very very RICH :P :P :P :P (wack a turbo on it and no need 2 tune it ;) ;) lol) as its Air to Fuel ratio so it would be 10 parts air to 1 part fuel so there is more fuel present making it a rich mixture not a lean one .... up around 15 would be a lean mixture as there is 15 parts air to 1 part of fuel .....

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Update: Car has stopped doing it again. It seems to sense when its going to a dealership, I think my car is possesed.

I will need to run the tank down and fill it up and play the waiting game. I'm certain it will do it again once I travel 130km.

Blue Stivo: A lot of people seem to get confused and try and tell me its running lean, so no need to feel bad, I originally thought it was lean too :lol:

Mtbrider: If your still reading this thread, ask my dad about the gear knob story.

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I think the car is fixed. Corey is a geneous.

Now I didn't actually do it, it just fell off somehow, but if you ever thought about removing the intake white plastic thingy....don't. Because it must cause the MAF to read wrong. Corey was checking out if the recall had been done and that plastic thingy was just sitting in the airbox. Almost done a tank and its been good as gold.

Problem solved, I'm happy with my car again and I retitled the post to make a bit more sense.

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